July 11, 2003

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  • Shadow Moon book review

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    New Reviews
    July 8, 2003


    • Shadow Moon book review
    • There seems to be some issues with LDS Palm Desktop.  Some people are getting a unregistered .ocx file.  This should be resolved by downloading and installing the latest VB Runtime 6 from Microsoft.  I am running Windows XP and developing VB with Visual Studio 6 Pro  with all service packs.  If an installation of the latest VB6 runtime does not fix your issue then I am at a loss.

    New Reviews
    July 7, 2003


    LDS Palm Desktop Instructions

    July 5, 2003


    Another Small Update
    July 3, 2003


    Small Updates
    July 1, 2003
    • I have been swamped with fixing computers, helping to keep the 6 month old content, and sleeping.  Sorry to keep some of you in suspense.  I still have some things that I am working on for the site here.  I also am in the middle of creating another web site for a friend of the family.  I will post a link when it is finished.

    • I have ironed out all but 1 of the issues with Tome Vault but have decided to post version 1.1 anyway.  The bug is small but workable.  Visit the instruction page for Tome Vault for details.

    • Details...great segway into this next topic.  I know that there are some instruction pages that do not have all or any directions there.  Please be patient with me in this matter.  I don't like to write the directions although they are very important.

    • Also, If you are LDS (Mormon) and would like another great place to visit go to www.ldspda.com .  Please join the forum there and lets get that ball rolling.

    • Recent Questions from users:


      Category: Product features
      Subject: LDS Members/ Ward Org
      Date: 19 Jun 2003


      1) LDS Members - will it group by family?

      2) Ward Org - can you get it to display the calling date (I think that is included in the orgout.dat file)

      The apps look great!


    1)  It will not group by family.  Only by last name....so far.  Great suggestion.

    2)  Ward Org - No it will not display the calling date.  It reads the file from your local ward's computer.  This file is specifically designed for use with PDAs.



    Q: There is an S in a box in the lower right hand corner of several
    screen and I can't figure out what it does. I have also had a couple
    other questions at one time or another that by now I've forgotten. Is
    there anyplace that I can read about what the different options in Tome
    Vault do???

    A: 1) The 'S' is the Sort button and will resort the database for Author, Genre, Format and Status.

    2)  I am working on the directions this week.

    • Please inform me of anything that you see wrong here.  Go to the 'Suggestions' form to do so.