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    Mt Dew: FireWire

    Critic: Aaron

    OK. So I said I was Mormon.  And any Mormon reading this review will think "hypocrite".  I would like to point out that there is no place to be found where Caffeine is forbidden.  I have never heard it mentioned in a General Conference talk by an Prophet or Apostle.  I can only recall a mention of it in an interview on 60 Minutes.   So On with the review.  I LOVE IT!  I enjoy a MT Dew (or 4) daily and I hate the Code Red stuff.  I was somewhat skeptical but thought I should try before I judge.   It's mellow like a regular MT Dew: not too carbonated like a Cake or Root Beer.  The flavor is that of an Orange Crush.  This drink to great!  I recommend it to all Mt Dew fans who are looking for a change.  You better enjoy it while you can though...its only available for the summer of 2003!