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    The Dividing Factor


    Star Wars Fan Fiction Review

    The Dividing Factor by Niralle

    Author's web site: http://sweb.uky.edu/~eejens2/tdfenter.html


    When the human race is threatened by a possible genocide, Luke Skywalker and his wife Mara Jade find themselves tossed into the center of the crisis. Only to realize quickly, things are not how they seem...

    Critic: Alan

    Let me start by saying that I read a lot of fan fiction. From all types of sources but most of them are scant more than a paragraph or two in a “what if” kind of situation. This however is not like that. This story is exactly that, a story, a week out of the Skywalker’s life that was particularly distressing. It is a quite enjoyable read and the author “Niralle” should write professionally because there is a storyteller’s talent in that one. Now on to the story. If you keep up with the Star Wars expanded universe then we find ourselves well after Return of the Jedi and Luke is now the Jedi master training his own academy. This story has imagination, feeling, and characters that you feel emotionally invested in. The average person that has seen any of the Star Wars movies gets only a glimpse of what a Jedi should be able to do. Our imaginations allow us to think of what we would do if we had those powers. This story shows us that Luke and Mara have a grand imagination. For a good science fiction read I highly recommend this story. For a good Episode three I recommend that Lucas contacts this Niralle for some tips in the “what should a Jedi be able to do” department.

    Critic: Aaron

    This is my first experience with Star Wars: Expanded Universe.  I have not read a lot of EU because I see the movies as "cannon" and the EU as fan fiction that is is just some story someone wanted to tell.  This story is good.  Dang good.  I am only 39% through it right now though.  But what I have read so far is good enough to be stretched into a full blown novel.  I also agree with Alan that George Lucas is very small minded in his story telling.  At least when it comes to what can be done with the Force.  In this story we see Luke and wife Mara use the force in ways that a true Master and Jedi should use them .  When 2 Jedi combine their powers to "force blast" an entire group of people through walls and out of windows then you are getting close to what can be accomplished with the Force.  This book is a must read for and Star Wars fan.  At 129 pages  in Microsoft Word format I thought about printing it out, making it into a real book and putting it on the shelf with all the other books I read.  If all EU books are like this than I will start reading them all...right now!  I recommend this book to everyone!! So go read it!    I copied the story into .txt file then converted it into a DOC file for my palm pilot.  I read it everywhere I go.