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    Shadow Moon

    Authors: George Lucas and Chris Claremont


    13 years have passed since Alora Dannon was saved by the hand of Willow Ofgood.  She is now a sacred princess and is treated as deity.  Willow who is now a great sorcerer must return to her and save her life from dangers unknown to her.  He, with help from 2 brownies and his best friend, an Eagle, must go through many obstacles in order to reach her and take her to safety.


     This book blows!  I should really stop there but I feel I should elaborate upon the reason for this conclusion.

     I love the movie Willow.  I had thought that the 3 books following the story of Willow would be a great read and continuation from the movie.  This is hardly the case.  As I started reading I found many things that did not sit right with me.  We find Willow Ofgood called by another name to start with, Thorn Drumheller.  This is actually a good thing later on in the story but at first its just confusing to the reader.  He also has become a great sorcerer with most of his power seeming to relate more to animals and the earth itself than with spells and sorcery.  He can talk to animals and summon great healing power which he uses to heal trees and animals.  We find out that he is away from his family and is struggling whether or not to go back to them.  This is a complete contradiction to the character I remember from the movie who would do anything to get back to his family and be with them.

     Willow decides that his path should be family free thus he leaves them to see Alora Dannon on the 13th birthday celibration.  Along the way we meet some new characters and are visited by old ones. 

     Willow is also confronted by some mystical dark force of nothingness.  This was reminiscent of the Great Nothing from The Neverending Story.  Silly.  I still donít get what it is supposed to be.

     I never really got any sense of real description in this story.  It seems that even the writers have little clue about what they are writing about.  This whole book seems to be in existence simply because George Lucas wanted to write a book.  Also Chris Claremont should stick to comic books.

     I actually stopped reading this book in one of the latter chapters.  This is due because I found an exact duplicate paragraph within the same chapter.  I refuse to read, for pleasure, a book written so poorly that the authors have to repeat a descriptive paragraph for whatever reason.  Ridiculous!

     I have not read the other 2 following books and I never will.  I have heard that these books are better than the first one but I will never know.  I will never recommend this book to anyone and should just give it to Goodwill.  Or use it to start fires or something.

     I am not really surprised though when I think of George Lucasís lack of story telling from watching the Star Wars Pre-quels.  Episode 1 is the biggest load of tripe to hit the big screen in years leaving millions disappointed and wanting more.  But thatís for another review.

     In conclusion this book blows!  It is a waste of paper.  It is a waste of time to read it.  It was a waste of time to write it.  The idea of the story should have vanished when Mr. Lucas thought, ďIíll have an alien race of idiots Iíll call Gungans and have them play an incredibly intricate part in the entire Star Wars universe and every man, woman and child on the planet will love them!Ē