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    X2: X-Men United

    Critic: Alan

    First let me reiterate that I am not a fanboy of anything. So I objectively watched this movie. Some of the cameos were cool and the story could have been ripped directly from the pages of the comic. After watching the first one Logan had much more of an edge but now he seems blunted. Actually what I think it is, is that in the first one he was the only one with an edge but they were all a little more human and a little less forgiving in this story. Logan is as he was it's just that everyone else caught up to him. I think Nightcrawler was done amazingly well and Storm and Jean were much better in this one. Unfortunately I felt that this story wasn't paced very well and although it had the theme and plot of the comics gone by it did not have the action. In the first one Xavier felt a great swell of pity for anyone who came to that school looking for trouble. In this one not just the X-Men but every mutant that lives in that school got their arse handed to them or they ran away. The entire plot of the movie was given away in the first half hour except for the small hint to X-3 at the end. It had it's moments and it is ranked in league with the first one but from what I have read this should have been imagination reborn and the story since it was completely given away was not strong enough to carry it through the entire two hours. If you are like me then this is a must see because it is X-Men. If you enjoy a good movie experience then I recommend it at the movies because action flicks are better in the theater other than that this is a rental when it hits DVD. Nothing more, Nothing less.