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General Information and Policies

General Information.

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• My pipes are all hand made from bowl to bit. Bowls are all briar wood unless specifically stated otherwise.

• I design my bits to be as comfortable as possible with concessions to the shape and weight of the individual pipe.  
• Bits are generally close to 3.8 mm thick,  +  .2 mm.  
• All bits are acrylic. 
- I feel this is overall the superior bit material due to it's longer wear and lower maintenance characteristics, among other reasons.  

• Tenon are individually crafted from Delrin rod.

• Mortise:
In working on pipe repairs I noticed that this is a place where the open grain is vunerable to stress and cracking from the torque of removing and replacing the bit, humidity, and years of drying out and getting wet, etc. In an effort to counter these forces and protect the shank from cracking, I started re-enforcing the mortice and shank face in different ways. Below is an approximate timeline for the various systems and techniques I've used through the years. 

-  2012 to Present: Currently most mortises are re-enforced with a 14 karat gold internal band. This is an idea I've had for several years but had not developed the skills and technique to make it happen until 2012. This ensures a reliable fit regardless of weather or humidity as well as extra strength where the shank is weakest and experiences the most stress. Besides being strong and reliable, the gold band is waterproof and will never corrode. All pipes dated '2012' to the present have mortises that are reenforced with a gold internal band OR some kind of exterior support. 

- 2011 to 2010:  A brass ring surrounding the inner wood.
- 2010 to 2008: I was lining the mortise with a shank cap made of acrylic. 
- 2007 and 2008: There are a few pipes where I lined the mortise with a delrin sleeve.
- 2007 to 2005 On these early pieces I was not re-enforcing the mortise and simply made them in the conventional way.

• All pipes will pass a fluffy pipe cleaner. Draft holes in the mortise and tenon always line up, even on bent pipes. This is achieved different ways depending on what the individual pipe may require.

Shipping and Handling

I attempt to ship your order as soon as I receive it.

I usually ship via the United States Postal Service.

The price for shipping my pipes is included when shipped within the United States. Shipping international, including Canada, may require additional postage. Please email me your information if you want quotes for international shipping,


I aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, I want to hear about it.

• All pipes I make are unconditionally guaranteed while unsmoked. If you buy a pipe from me and are not satisfied for ANY reason upon receipt, please return it unsmoked and in as-new condition with all original packaging for a full refund.

• All pipes I make are conditionally guaranteed to the original owner from burn out for as long as I am still around and making pipes. If, under normal use, there are ever problems of a structural, or craftsmanship nature I will do all I can to make it right with the original owner by repairing, replacing, or refunding at my discretion.

• Pipes that have been smoked but otherwise not altered are still considered "original specification" and due consideration applies which may include repairing, replacing, or a full refund at my discretion.

• Similar to a warranty on other new items, like an automobile for example, this warranty is voided on pipes that have been altered in any way from original specifications. Please do not kustomize your pipe and then complain to me that you are not happy with it. 
- Pipes with alterations such as, but not limited to, the draft-way being altered, the bowl coating removed or sanded, the overall exterior or interior dimensions have been changed, or if the pipe is in anyway different from how I sent it, are no longer considered "original specification". 

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Just in case anyone was wondering; This site and all art and design work on it is copy-written, trademarked and patented. Nothing here may be re-published, or re-produced by any means or media, without my permission.  

I have spent my life getting to this point. I created all artwork here, unless otherwise noted. Please respect all intellectual and creative property.

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