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Testimonials & Reviews

Pipe Tamper

Neill Roan's "A Passion for Pipes" blog. 
Neill was very kind to write up a post on his blog shortly after he bought a copper Icon in Chicago 2008.
I'm proud to mention that several of the positive comments following the post are from some very well respected pipe-makers.

A Passion for Pipes - Chicago 2008

From Lee Fowler - Smokers Forums "Smokey the Werewolf"

It arrived very shortly after you told me to expect it, and I love it. That it's gorgeous goes without saying, but it's so perfect for it's intended use it's rather amazing. I don't think it's my imagination that I'm having an easier time smoking to the bottom of the bowl with fewer relights and with no relights more often now that I'm using the Icon tamper. I've also gotten a couple nice comments about how nice it looks from non-smokers at bars, etc.

The only time I've found myself reaching for any other tamper at all since I've received my Icon is when I'm sitting here at my desk and I finish a bowl to loosen the ash and dottle in order to dump it. This can be done with the slanted end of the Icon, so if I'm out and about it's the only tamper I carry with me, but it's a little easier with the spoon end of an aluminum pipe nail, so if I'm sitting here and one's handy I'll grab it. Other than that, it's my Icon all the way.

I do hope your proud of your design, because to my thinking the Icon is just about the perfect pipe tamper.

Feel free to use any of my comments as you see fit.

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