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I've made a desktop calendar for those of us who like pipes and calendars on their computer's desktop. These are at the give away price of $FREE$. I hope you like them. By the way, FREE is not a free license. They are for personal, non-commercial use only on your computer. Footer information still applies even though I'm letting you use the images for free.

They are simple .jpg formated images and should fit most screens. Simply drag and drop or ctrl click to call up the pop-up menu and save the image to your desktop. Then have your computer read it from there or move it to whatever file or folder you need to or want to so that your computer will use it as a desktop background image.


March 2008
Click on image to see a larger version. Black border is only a frame and not part of the image.

April coming soon.

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Totem n. 1. An animal, plant, or natural object serving as a symbol of a clan or family. 2. A venerated symbol. Anthro; Native American peoples.

Star n. 1. A luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of hot gasses held together by it's own gravity. 2. A graphic design having 5 or more radiating points. 3. stars: The future; destiny.

Just in case anyone was wondering; This site and all art and design work on it is copy-written, trademarked and patented. Nothing here may be re-published, or re-produced by any means or media, without my permission.  

I have spent my life getting to this point. I created all artwork here, unless otherwise noted. Please respect all intellectual and creative property.

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