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Currently Available

Below are items that are currently available. Scroll down and send me an email to reserve a pipe for purchase. 

Link to: General information about the pipes and polices.

Pipe 063
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063 - Billiard - 1/2 Bent
This is a great pipe with very nice grain.
It's approaching large at over 6 inches long and it's got a fat shank and stem to go along with that length.

Again the grain structure is quite nice with some birds-eye top and bottom. The fat shank and stem feel like you're holding a cigar in your fingers.

While words can do little more than simply state it's "a Half-Bent Billiard", the pictures show it's actually a uniquely shaped pipe and it would be a standout in a group of billiards.

Especially since this pipe will stand on it's own.

In the pictures the pipe is simply standing on it's balancing point as it will do on any reasonably level surface. It's not as stable as a wide bottomed pipe but it will certainly wait for you to refill your ice tea, or stand-by if you want to take a little break in the middle of a smoke. 

I've always tried to make my pipes as reliable as possible besides being good smokers and attractive. For this reason all my bits are hand-made and carefully shaped of acrylic rod stock. This material is easy to maintain and stays looking and tasting like new, even years down the line. I beveled the rim with an outer "bottle cap" look to give the rim a less delicate, sharp edge that gets dinged up too easily. 
Bowl is lightly coated with a flavor-neutral carbon liner to ensure a more even flavor between different pipes, regardless of wood types or origins. 
So by-pass the usual break-in process, fill it up and enjoy from the first bowl.

Click on the picture and let me know what you think.
Thanks for looking.

Pipe comes with pipe sleeve.

Length: 6.25 inches / 15.5 cm
Height: 2.25 inches / 5.8 cm
Weight:  oz / gr.
Bowl depth: 2 inches / 5 cm
Bowl width at rim: 7/8 inches / 2.3 cm
Grade: Copper 3

Watch for it on Ebay! 
Please email questions or for payment information, if you are interested in this pipe. 

Pipe 029 Panel Shank Dublin

Pipe 029 has been sold.

3 Pipe Monolith
Unusual or large shapes are the speciality of the Pipe Monolith.

Chameleon 3
One of the strongest points of the Pipe Monolith design from a collector's point of view is the versatility and ease that large or unusually shaped pipes can be displayed side by side with pipes of standard dimensions.

This small desktop display is shown with three pipes (not included of course). The middle pipe is obviously much bigger than normal and would never fit in most standard pipe racks. Due to their weight and wide stance, pipe monoliths are very stable even when larger and heavier pipes are displayed.

This display is approximately 8 3/4 inches (22.3 cm) wide, 5 inches (12.7 cm) deep, and 10 1/8 inches (25,8 cm) tall. The mounting holes are 3/4 (2 cm) in diameter. So any pipe you might want to display here would need to have the first few inches of the bit to be 3/4 inch (2 cm) or smaller.

This is shown in the Chameleon format. Crystal clear. Put it on a modern danish desk, an antique bookcase, or hang it on a patterned wall, it will blend with the surrounding tones and colors displaying your pipes in a way simply not possible with any other pipe rack made. Period.

Two of these are currently available so a matching pair can be used in a modular fashion.

Chameleon 3
$140.00 each including shipping within the USA

Chameleon 3
Click on small picture to see a larger picture!

Pipe 064
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064 - Cutty Sitter
I also call this one, the Cutty Shark.
Long & elegant. Smooth & sleek.

A very nice piece with the flame grain running up the sides of the bowl and shank and birdseye displayed top and bottom.
I beveled the rim with an outer "bottle cap" look to give the pipe a less delicate, sharp edge there that gets dinged up too easily. 

The shank is rather flat and quite broad giving a great birds-eye display. At the shank end were it gets a bit thin I've included an internal metal band in the mortise to strengthen the pipe at this vulnerable point. The band is a ring of solid 14kt gold.

Of course the pipe is a very stable sitter on most surfaces.
A delrin tenon and an acrylic stem make this a very practical and beautiful companion. The bowl is lightly coated with a flavor-neutral carbon to ensure a stable flavor profile regardless of wood type or origin. By pass any break-in procedures and go straight to a full, first bowl of your favorite tobacco. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think.
Thanks for looking.

Pipe comes with pipe sleeve.

Length: 6.75 inches / 17.5 cm
Height: 2.25  inches / 5.5 cm
Weight: oz /  gr.
Bowl depth: 1.75 inches / 5.5 cm
Bowl width at rim: .75 inches./ 2 cm
Grade: Silver 3

Watch for it on Ebay!!
Please email questions or for payment information, if you are interested in this pipe. 

Totem Day Pack - 2008
click picture to enlarge. Obviously, pipes, tobacco and accessories not included.

Totem Day Pack
$50.00 each, US shipping FREE
Please specify interior color of Grey or Pumpkin. 
Please email me with details for international shipping.

Totem Day Pack - 2008 
The Totem Day Pack is a long time in coming. It started out as my original idea for a pipe sleeve. In real life, made with a leather exterior and also lined in leather, they ended up way too nice and costly to just "give" them away with each pipe. These are also quite substantial and to hand out one with each pipe I sold seemed a little ridiculous, even for me. I made my first version a few years ago by hand (some of you may have seen it on the forums) and I quickly realized that they were too much for me to do on my own. After several attempts since 2007 to work with various leatherworkers, I finally found someone that could get the job done. Finally these are ready to share. The design has been carefully thought through. I hope you like them.

The outside is one piece of black leather. The interior is also one piece of leather that has been folded in order to provide more layers of protection and a seamless bottom to the pockets that will be easier to clean tobacco and ash from. There are two substantial interior pockets; both with approximately 7.5 x 4 inches of usable space. The front pocket is gusseted on one side to make room for the bowl of the pipe without distorting the whole pouch or taking away too much room from the rear pocket (or you can carry two smaller pipes, if you like). The second pocket offers enough room for your lighter, a tamper and a pouch or two of tobaccos. The exterior leather is quite sturdy and with the extra layers of the lining, the contents are well protected. Everything should be secure and stable once the whole thing is buttoned up. The closure is a chrome ball that fits through a button hole in the strap. You simply pinch up the button and push the strap over it. The back of the button does not enter the inner pocket area.

As you can see from the pictures, when the pouch is open and on the table it creates a little presentation/work area for you to take care of business without having to place your pipe or accessories directly on the ground, a coffee table or bar top.

The interior leather is lined so that the smooth side is used, not the fuzzy suede side. If you are loading tobacco over this and some spills out, it's easy to pick it up or collect it and pour it back into your tobacco bag. 

The whole thing, when loaded and buttoned up, gives you a secure and compact soft travel case that will fit into most jacket pockets, whether you're out in the wilds of forests, lakes and streams or in more formal wear, cruising the concrete jungle.

The red line Totem Star logo is in the corner and is a version of my red line logo seen on the stems of my pipes.

Colors will change as availability comes and goes. Please specify color desired or "either".
Thank you for your interest and support. 

Director 7 b&w
Click on small picture to see a larger picture!

Director 7
This Black/White/Black Director is a 7 Pipe Monolith perfect for your seven favorites in rotation or a Seven Day Set you might like to display. A classic display echoing Art Deco themes and perfect as a statement of class and style.

There are two of these currently available (as shown in the photo on the Front Page) which do match up nicely, making a substantial wall display or the same can be done laid on a desk. They can also be set standing on a table back-to-back for a small footprint display of 14 pipes.

There's something nice about having two separate but matching displays. Not only can you use them individually (in different rooms, on a wall and a table, etc.), but you can always set them up together as one larger, modular display as your collection or available space changes.

$175.00 each, including shipping within the USA 
$330.00 for both, including shipping within the USA

Icon Tampers
Click picture to enlarge.

Icon in Solid Aluminum 2007 - Classic
approximately 4 inches long (10.2 cm)
$35.00 each, US shipping FREE
Please email me with details for international shipping.
Icon in Solid Aluminum 2007 - Table Top
approximately 5 inches long (12.7 cm)
$45.00 each, US shipping FREE
Please email me with details for international shipping.

the Icon in Heavy Metals
Classic size (± 4 inches/10.4 cm):
$55.00 each
USA shipping FREE

Please email with details
for international shipping.

the Icon in Heavy Metals
Table Top size (± 5 inches/12.8 cm)
$65.00 each
USA shipping FREE

Please email with details
for international shipping.

Full money back guarantee. If you are not smiling after the first 5 tamps, you may send it back within 2 weeks. Yes, you can actually use it, try it out with a few of your favorite pipes, and still send it back if not completely satisfied!

After thinking on designing a tamper for a while, I came up with a shape I call the ICON, a double-flared (patent pending) tamper that has both an angled and a perpendicular tamp face. The name comes from the pure, super clean design while presenting both types of popular tamp faces. Icon tampers are pure Modernism in design.

   The classic size for these tampers is about 4 inches (10.2 cm) long. Though longer than others they give one more to hold -and thus more control- while tamping, especially in deeper bowls. There is also a Table Top version measuring in at about 5 inches (12.7 cm). For those who like larger, taller pipes or those who tend to loose smaller tampers. Although only an inch longer it makes a substantial difference in the look and weight of the tampers.

   The classic Icon's long side flares down a good 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) from the wasp-waist to the tip of the foot (tamp face). The foot is wide at approximately 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) across. 

• This wider side is steeply angled which gives one more control of the ash and tobacco around the bowl wall. Remember, you can use the tamper at any angle. I often start my bowls tamping with the larger side, but holding the tamper off to one side so that the face approaches almost even with the top of the bowl.
   The shorter flare has a smaller foot and is designed to slip down into a smaller bowl or reach the bottom of a sharply tapered chamber. It has a flat, perpendicular face (not angled) and is a little smaller diameter than a standard pipe nail head. This makes the Icon design suitable for all pipes; large to small.

   The wasp-waist is a perfect place to hold and maneuver the tamper. Though angular and modern it feels organic and natural in the hand.

•   The conical sides gives you more room for maneuvering inside the tobacco chamber without fouling the rim. The conical shaft combined with the steep angle of the tamp face allows the "toe" to be aimed downward. In this position stirring or loosening of the surface of a tight pack can be done. 
- End of bowl dottle can also be easily broken up and dumped out. Simply aim the tip down the center of the bowl while gently twisting the pipe back and forth in a reaming fashion. The longer body of the tamper makes this very easy and natural.

• One more thing is the engraved nomenclature. It's positioned on the short tapered end, opposite from the toe of the larger tamp side. This allows you to see and feel where the point is when it's inside the bowl. Handy when tamping with the pipe in your mouth.

These tampers are each made from one solid piece of metal. They can never come apart because of glue failing from heat or stress. They will never shatter, or burn. They are very sturdy, light for their size and easy to use. All surfaces are polished to a mirror finish. They will patina with use. Since these are all hand made, there will always be minor variances, however this will not affect normal use. It's simply your proof of a handcrafted tool.

Howdy! Click here for E-mail.

Totem n. 1. An animal, plant, or natural object serving as a symbol of a clan or family. 2. A venerated symbol. Anthro; Native American peoples.

Star n. 1. A luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of hot gasses held together by it's own gravity. 2. A graphic design having 5 or more radiating points. 3. stars: The future; destiny.

Just in case anyone was wondering; This site and all art and design work on it is copy-written, trademarked and patented. Nothing here may be re-published, or re-produced by any means or media, without my permission.  

I have spent my life getting to this point. I created all artwork here, unless otherwise noted. Please respect all intellectual and creative property.

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