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August 2000

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Added Tuesday, August 29, 2000
Gillian's Jeans
jeans logoThis from Yahoo who are auctioning celebrities' jeans to raise money for MS.

Jump into the celebrity jeans pool – this is your chance to get into your favorite celebrity’s jeans (and help out a really great cause!).

Featured are Gillian Anderson’s autographed Levi’s 501 blue jeans – actually worn by the star herself!

Signature on the back left pocket, “Gillian Anderson” (You’ll have to bid and win to find out the size.) Learn more about Gillian Anderson at Yahoo! Movies.

All monies raised from the Yahoo! Celebrity Jean Auction, presented by Yahoo!, Fox Films and The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Southern California Chapter, will be dedicated to helping to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) and to promoting and providing critically-needed programs and services to individuals living with MS.

Item includes Certificate of Authenticity from The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. All sales are final.

If you wish to make a direct donation to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Southern California Chapter, please go to http://cal.nmss.org/donate/index.html; email to: msdonations@cal.nmss.org; or write to:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society Southern California Chapter, 2440 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 115, Los Angeles, CA 90064.
When I looked, the bidding was up to $1,087.

Added Monday, August 28, 2000
Emmy Winner
The only Emmy nominations that The X-Files received this year were in Creative Arts categories. The good news is that TXF won three awards:




Added Saturday, August 26, 2000
Happy Birthday
Today is Mark Snow's 54th birthday.

Added Friday, August 25, 2000
The September US Fangoria magazine has a 10 page season 7 X-Files episode guide in it. It should be available at newsagents here in another month or 2 or earlier at the comic/specialty shops.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Wednesday, August 23, 2000
Nic Lea Chat
The The Official X-Files Web Site will be holding a Nic Lea chat on Thursday August 24 at 7 pm US Pacific Time to coincide with his television movie Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye screening on Fox in the States. Check the Official Site for more information.

Film Review
UK magazine Film Review has a CD on its cover that includes a Return To Me promo and picture gallery.

Added Sunday, August 20, 2000
Media Update
The July Film Review magazine has a 4 page article on David Duchovny. Another magazine to look out for in the next month or two is Cult Times Special 14 as it has William B Davis featured on the cover and a 3 page article on him. Also last Sunday's Sunshine Coast Sunday paper TV liftout ON TV had a small photo of DD in the top right cover of its cover and a short review of Requiem and a small aricle about Robert Patrick joining the X-Files cast. Thursday's Cairns Post TV liftout also had a short article about Robert Patrick joining the cast. Wednesday's Courier Mail had a large review on Requiem as well.
ThanX Lucy.

Return To Me
Despite some rather scathing negative reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed Return To Me when I finally got to see it earlier this week. There are a lot of David Duchovny critics out there but I was impressed by his acting in the movie. After a couple of minutes I was able to out him being Mulder out of my mind and just sat there enjoying a touching romantic movie, just like they used to make them! The movie ranked as number 7 in Australia in it's second week of release.

Added Thursday, August 17, 2000
Season 7
Well, that's it for another season. And now the long wait until February 2001 for all us Australian fans!

Media Update
New Weekly made last night's Requiem episode one of the week's highlights as it does every week. Who Weekly made the episode the Winner of the week. There was also a photo of David Duchovny returning from a yoga class, decked out in a flanellette shirt and red cargo pants.

Today's Sydney Morning Herald had an X-Files story titled The Truth Is Way Out There.

Added Tuesday, August 15, 2000
TV Week
This week's TV Week has a review of Return To Me, and gives it four stars.

Added Monday, August 14, 2000
Return To Me Box Office
According to sofcom, Return To Me ranked number six at the box office in it's first week of release. Ahead of it are Chopper, The Patriot, Frequency, X-Men and Any Given Sunday.

Site Update
I've added a Lone Gunmen article to my Unusual Suspects page and added some new links on my Links page.

Added Saturday, August 12, 2000
The Movie Show
The Movie Show on SBS had a review of Return To Me last Wednesday night. The episode will be repeated tomorrow, Sunday, at 6pm. David hates the movie and in one of the most scathing reviews ever gave it one star. Margaret on the other hand enjoyed the movie and gave it 3 stars.

The X-Files Magazine
Issue # 50 of the UK X-Files Magazine finally turned up in my local newsagency! (It was available as early as July 31 elsewhere). It's another excellent issue with stories on Jeff Bell, , dead XF characters and a look back at seven years of X-Files.

Added Friday, August 11, 2000
Season 1 DVD Release
Fiona on ausxfnews has advised that the Australian X-Files season 1 DVD release will be November 29, 2000 and at the moment the price has been set at $198.00.

Site Update
I've added Je Souhaite to my Season 7 episode guide.

Wednesday, August 09, 2000
Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday to my dog Taco-Belle who was born one year ago today. Oh, and happy birthday to Gillian Anderson! By the way, Taco's tag from The Lost Dogs Home arrived in the mail and the identification number was XF7842. XF? Cool!
You can get your free identification tag for your cat or dog by visiting the website. It's also Vanessa Morley's 16th bithday. She's played the young Samantha Mulder in a number of episodes.

Added Tuesday, August 08, 2000
Media Update
This week's issue of New Idea has a photo of David Duchovny on page 24 in its Look Who's Turning 40 section. New Weekly has a 2 page article on Minnie Driver and a competition to win one of 260 double passes to Return to Me. TV Week has a photo of DD & Gillian Anderson and a brief description of the season finale Requiem episode on page 8. Who Weekly has a half page FBI style dossier on Robert Patrick. The Sunday Mail had a review of Return To Me and gave it a 2 and 1/2 star rating while its TV Liftout TV Scene has a rather nice half page drawing of DD & GA and and old photo and contains a comment from Scully from this week's episode and likens it to this week's Charmed episode.

ThanX again Lucy :-)

Added Monday, August 07, 2000
Princess Mononoke
This news from Clare on ausxfnews:
Princess Mononoke will have it's Australian release at Dendy Quays. Clare's advice if you want to see this movie is to ring as early as possible on Thursday morning. Check out www.dendy.com.au for more information about the festival.

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ... David Duchovny

Return To Me
Amazing ... Just found out I won tickets to Return To Me - my first internet competition win! Thanks Netweek.

Added later Sunday, August 06, 2000
West Australian News
David Duchovny is on the cover (drawing of him) of The West Magazine that comes with the West Australian on Saturdays. The mag has a 2 page story on him. There is a very nice Return To Me review in The XPress Magazine from WA. ThanX Patricia.

Added Sunday, August 06, 2000
Return To Me News
Return To Me has copped a mixed reaction. X-Files hater Rob Lowing has slammed the movie in her Sun-Herald review today, titled Enough to break your heart twice, giving it 4 out of 10 and writing:
The sentimental pap of Return To Me will probably slide down easily for the romantic-minded. But everyone else should be warned that X-Files television star David Duchovny continues his losing streak in movies.

Duchovny's glum approach might suit the small screen , but on the big screen he's as interesting to watch as a zombie with indigestion.
There was a full page story on Minnie Driver, promoting Return To Me in last Saturday's Daily Telegraph, including a brief David Duchovny mention. The movie got a favourable review in the same newspaper on Thursday.

The latest Rolling Stone and Sain Unlimited magazines also have reviews of Return to Me.

Thursday's Gold Coast Bulletin Entertainment section had a review of Return To Me and the free Brisbane paper Brisbane News also has a short review of the movie.

The September Girlfriend magazine has a short review of Return to Me in it. Also Thursday's Toowoomba Chronicle had a large photo of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver in a scene from Return to Me on the cover of its Entertainment Weekly liftout magazine with a page article on Minnie Driver and the movie. The paper has a competition to win one of 20 double passes to see the movie. Also Thursday's Adelaide Advertiser paper has DD on the cover of its Guide entertainment liftout and an article where he talks about working on the movie and says Return To Me is a way of reminding people that he had a career before The X Files and that he will have one after. The article has a photo of David, Minnie and Bonnie Hunt at the movie's premiere in LA and another photo of David and Minnie from the movie.

Return To Me Competition
There is an online competition at the Birch Carroll & Coyle cinema website where you can win one of 20 Return To Me double passes, posters or compact mirrors. Greater Union, which can be accessed through Birch, Carroll & Coyle, has the same competition.

Robert Patrick
Thursday's Gold Coast Bulletin TV Guide had a short article about Robert Patrick joining The X-Files cast and gives the reason that David Duchovny will have less time on The X-Files as he wants to spend more time on developing his movie career.

ThanX Lucy for a lot of the above news.

Swamp Files
In last week's Sunday Telegraph the Swamp cartoon by Gary Clark was an X-Files case, involving the abduction of two rats from a dump by a UFO. If I ever find time I'll do a scan of it, not that it's that funny, just XF related.

Strange World
The three Strange World video releases were reviewed in The Daily Telegraph, getting 3 stars. Strange World is the brainchild of former X-Files producer Howard Gordon and the review recommends the tapes for "X-Files addicts looking for action in a similar vein." The covers look very similar to an X-Files video, with 20th Century Fox trying to attract the same audience.
Fiona on ausxfnews says the tapes are also available to rent at Blockbuster stores (and presumably elsewhere) and the titles are 'Pilot/Eliza', 'Azarael's Breed/Down Came The Rain' and 'Rage/Aerobe'.

Fight Club
I've added Fight Club to my Season 7 episode guide. The episode became the first ever in seven years to make the "Tune Out" section of The Daily Telegraph's 7 Days section last Thursday.

Added Wednesday, August 2, 2000
david duchovny in return to medavid duchovny and minnie driver in return to meReturn To Me
As you know by now, David Duchovny's latest film Return To Me premieres in Australia tomorrow. From all accounts it's a good old fashioned feel-good movie. To get you in the mood, you can check out the Official Return To Me website, download a Return To Me Screensaver or check out a number of trailers, stills and other information at the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Media Update
The September TV Soap magazine also has a 2 page article on David Duchovny and Minnie Driver with a photo of each of them. Today's Courier Mail has an article on the accident that occurred on the set of The X Files (see item directly below) where a production member was electrocuted and 6 others injured when a power line touched the scaffolding they were using. Everyone is saddened by this loss.
ThanX Lucy.

Tragedy on The X-Files set
This news release from the Official Site:

'Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Broadcasting announced: "Six crew members were injured and one, Jim Engh, was killed in an accident during pre-production of The X-Files on location in Los Angeles (Monday). Five of the injured have been treated and released, and one remains in critical condition at UCLA Medical Center. We are conducting an intensive investigation into the accident and families of the crew members have been notified. Our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies go out to Jim's family, friends and colleagues, and we wish the injured crew members a full and rapid recovery." A scaffolding holding the workers 35 feet from the ground came in contact with a 4,800 volt power line Monday in West Los Angeles. The crew was doing pre-production work in anticipation of a film shoot Tuesday in which cameras would be pointed through the windows of the apartment building to shoot a chase scene down a flight of stairs.

Chris Carter made a statement: "All of us are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and colleague Jim Engh. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. He will be deeply missed by all who have known him and worked with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the other crew members who were injured. We wish them a speedy recovery." '

Our sincere condolences go out to Jim's family and friends and hopefully everyone else involved will have a full and speedy recovery.

Fight Club
Tonight's episode is Fight Club. That leaves just two more episodes of season seven .... and another long six months until season eight premieres in Australia.

Added Tuesday, August 1, 2000
This morning's Today show on channel 9 had a lengthy interview with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver about their movie Return To Me, to be released Thursday in Australia. DD discussed the movie as well as The X-Files. He sounds quite disgruntled and didn't have anything favourable to say about TXF. He's a total non-believer, unlike Mulder. They played a number of clips from the movie.

Media Update
I spent my lunchtime today browsing in a local newsagency. They get annoyed if you stand around reading too long but what the hey!

TV Week has a small bit on Scully's new partner for season 8, to be played by Robert Patrick.

New Weekly had a 2/3 page review of Return To Me with a nice photo of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver dancing and another smaller pic of Minnie Driver. They made it their Movie of the Week and gave it **** (female reviewer) and *** (male reviewer). This week's Fight Club episode was one of their Must-Sees for the week.

Who Weekly had a nice looking full page advert for Return To Me as well as a 1/4 page review where they gave it a B rating. There was a 1/2 page review of this week's Fight Club episode including a large photo of David Duchovny with guest star Kathy Griffin. The reviewer didn't think much of it though, giving it just a C+ rating.

And from Lucy -- Yesterday's Courier Mail had an article on Gillian Anderson signing on for a 9th series of The X-Files. Also it had a bit on Chris Carter saying that his decision to continue beyond 2000-01 depends on whether the show can float with the new sidekick Agent Doggett and admits it would be a daunting task getting the Duchovny-Anderson chemistry between Scully and Doggett. The September TV Soap has a review of Return to Me. TV Week also has a photo of Gillian Anderson in the Star birthdays section on the inside back cover where both DD and GA are on the list.

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