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July 2000

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Added Monday, July 31, 2000
Media Update
There was an (almost) full page story on David Duchovny in yesterday's Sun-Herald newspaper, talking about his career, X-Files and new movie Return To Me that gets released in Australia on Thursday. There was a story on Australian comedy writers in ther liftout Sunday Life magazine including a profile on Robyn Butler, co-creator of The X-Fools, a usually very funny X-Files parody broadcast on Austereo affiliates.

Sounds similar to yesterday's Sunday Mail paper that had DD featured on the front page on its Encore entertainment liftout section with a page article on him titled Fox Turns Puppydog. He talks about shedding his TV persona to take on his role in Return to Me, learning to let go and losing a little of himself in the process. ThanX Lucy.

Patricia says that the July issue of The X-Files Magazine (UK) is now out in Aussie newsagencies.

Added Saturday, July 29, 2000
Media Update
The new issue of Aussie mag DVD Now includes a1/3 page spoiler on the upcoming "Requiem" episode. This week's New Weekly had Hollywood AD as a pick of the week and had the quote "Mulder, I think Tea Leoni has a little crush on you" in their Quote column. The UK mag Expose has a 1/3 page story on (at the time pending) David Duchovny's season 8 decision plus a 5 page article on him.

Site Update
I've added Hollywood AD to my season 7 episode guide. I've added extra information to my X-Files Movie page and En Ami.

Next update: Monday

Today is Dean (Langly) Haglund's 35th birthday.

Added Friday, July 28, 2000
Who Weekly
This week's Who Weekly had Hollywood AD as one of their highlights of the week with a photo of David Duchovny and Gary Shandling.

Lucy's Column
The current free South East Queensland entertainment paper Time Off has a small photo of David Duchovny on the cover and a 1/3 page page review of Hollywood AD with a photo of David inset in it. Wednesday's Adelaide paper The Advertiser has that infamous photo of Gillian Anderson licking David Duchovny on the cover of its 7 Days entertainment section and a page article on Hollywood AD with a photo of David and Tea Leoni. Also inset is a photo of Robert Patrick and a small article describing the search for Scully's new sidekick and the announcement that Robert was given the role. Thursday's Gold Coast Bulletin The Entertainer section liftout has DD and Minnie Driver on the cover and an article on Bonnie Hunt, the director of Return to Me where she talks about the movie. Bonnie Hunt also featured with David Duchovny in the movie Beethoven. Thursday's Courier mail has a review of Fight Club with a photo of Kathy Griffin who is a guest star in this episode.There is a photo of DD on page 65 of the June (US) Movieline magazine in an article titled "Maybe the truth isn't out there" where he is asked, along with 9 other stars what the biggest misconception about them. Finally, the May 23 US tabloid Globe has a 1/2 page article on Gillian Anderson and a couple of photos of her where they pose the question of whether she is gay. I personally do not think so. And neither do I.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Thursday, July 27, 2000
Gillian Signs for Nine
According to today's breaking news on the Entertainment Weekly Online website, Gillian Anderson has renewed her X-Files contract for another year. Yes, a ninth season. But you all know what that means, no Mulder at all! Mmm? Read the story at your own peril as the last paragraph contains spoilers for Australian fans!

2dayfm Competition
The Sydney radio station 2DAYFM is running a competition to win 2 tickets to the premiere of Return To Me. For a chance to win go to 2DAYFM website and and click on the Return to Me pic. Then all you have to do is answer the question "Who stars in the film Return to Me (David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, of course) and fill in your details.
ThanX Clare on ausxfnews.

Media Report
A lot happened yesterday! The August New Woman magazine (that came out yesterday) had a review of Return To Me. It gave it a 2 star rating. Also there is a photo of Gillian Anderson in the Star Style Galleryon the second last page. The Courier Mail had a review of Hollywood AD. The Queensland Times also had a review of Hollywood AD with an accompanying photo of David Duchovny and Gary Shandling. The Herald Sun paper had DD featured on the cover of the Home Entertainment section with photo inserts of GA and Tea Leoni and a full page article on David, althoug some of it is has been printed before in previous news articles.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Wednesday, July 26, 2000
Snow Report
As it snows near where I live, news courtesy of Michael on ausxfnews that 20th Century Fox has agreed to allow Mark Snow to release a soundtrack CD from "Millennium" and that Snow's manager, Robert Urband, would like to hear suggestions from the fans regarding a name for Mark Snow's new record label!

For full details check out Encore: The Ultimate Mark Snow Site.

Added Tuesday, July 25, 2000
Media Update
ThanX as always to Lucy; plus Clare, Gem and Michael on ausxfnews for providing the last eight items above.

Site Update
I've updated my Season 8 news page [no plot spoilers :-)] with the latest info on David Duchovny's replacement. I've deleted some more dead links from my Links page and added Brand X to my Season 7 episode guide. I've also added extra information to all things.

Added Sunday, July 23, 2000
Site Update
I've been having trouble with my ISP lately and haven't received any e-mail for over a week so if any of my valued sources have sent me info and it hasn't appeared here, sorry.

Media Update
This week's "Hollywood AD" episode was one of the week's highlights in Thursday's 7 Days section in The Daily Telegraph. Rob Lowing doesn't rate as an X-Files fan however and she again bagged the show, giving the thumbs down for Hollywood AD in today's Sun-Herald Television magazine. In the July issue of Netweek there's a small photo of David Duchovny and Minnie Driver on the inside back cover and the chance to win a double pass to Return To Me by answering the question "Who plays Grace Briggs"?. You can enter on the Netweek website. Entries close July 31.

Added Thursday, July 20, 2000
Site Update
Another quiet week. I've updated my Links page by removing some sites that have closed down. If anyone knows of (or runs) other great X-Files sites that aren't listed please let me know.

Added Sunday, July 16, 2000
Media Update
Almost all of the above from Lucy. Patricia and Angie also passed on the TV Week news. ThanX as always.

Cancer Man
Apparently The Cigarette Smoking Man will be released this year as a McFarlane Collector Club figure.

Episode Guide Update
I've added all things to my season 7 episode guide; and also added a newspaper article to X-Cops.

Added Thursday, July 13, 2000
all things
Here's another "all things" review from The Sydney Morning Herald's The Guide

Counter Culture- Wednesday's episode of The X-Files written and directed by Gillian Anderson.

Minutes before Anderson (Scully) bundles Duchovny (Mulder) out of the country leaving the action to her- 5.23
Assumed sightings of Mulder kissing Scully- 1
Examples of writer's block when Scully opens her mouth to speak but no words come out- 7
Outbreaks of scientific gobbledygook- 2
Flashes of blinding light- 2
Minutes of show remaining after Mulder's return- 1.23

TV Previews

Rating- Thumbs Up
Thanks Joanne on ausxfnews.

Added Wednesday, July 12, 2000
Minor Update
I've been busy working the last few days so haven't been online, not that there's bene much to write about. The only news I have is a damning review by Rob Lowing of tonight's episode "all things" in the Television liftout magazine in The Sun-Herald last Sunday.
This piece of self-indulgence was apparently written by Gillian Anderson, who also plays Agent Scully. We prayed for an alien to abduct Scully and Mulder (David Duchovny) , sparing the misery of watching this to the bitter end, but, alas, it just didn't happen. We can only suggest Anderson sticks to her day job.

Added Saturday, July 8, 2000
Episode Guide Update
I've added Chimera to my season 7 episode guide.

Vogue Movie Pass
The Aussie Vogue magazine mentioned below has, besides the movie pass, a full page advertisement of Return To Me on page 61 which is like a mini movie poster. You can see a pic of the Vogue mag Return To Me promo pass in the News section of The X-Files Merchandise Web Site You can also join the new mailing list that's been created in the 'Feedback' section.

Media News
Thursday's Townsville Bulletin TV guide has a review of All Things accompanied by the standard photo of Mulder & Scully. The same photo was in Monday's Northern Territory News Green TV liftout where they had a review of X Cops. The Northern Territory is 3 weeks behind the rest of Australia.

ThanX as always to Lucy for the above plus the Vogue news.

Added Thursday, July 6, 2000
Magazine News
Add another one the the list. Cinescape (US magazine) has The Lone Gunmen on the cover and a half page article inside of the spinoff series.

The latest Aussie Vogue magazine has a free pass to Return To Me on the cover. ThanX Lyle.

Site Update
I've updated my links page to include a change of URL for The X-Files Merchandise Web Site.

Written Wednesday, July 5, 2000
but not uploaded til Thursday, July 6, 2000
Wendie Malick
Wendie Malick, so good as Nina in Just Shoot Me, but better known to X-Files fans as Assistant Director Maslin in The Beginning is currently in Australia and will appear on Good News Week on Saturday on Ten/Capital.

More Magazine News
The August issues of Cosmopolitan and B magazines each has a short review of Return To Me with an accompanying photo. New Weekly has a page of Tea Leoni photos with her daughter Madelaine Duchovny and a small article on her trying to keep her occupied with money while she talks to another person. The UK X-Files Magazine (see below) now seems to be widely available across Australia for those not lucky enough to have UK pen pals to send as soon as each issue comes out over there. The August Girlfriend mag has a competition where you can win one of 200 double passes to David Duchovny's movie Return To Me.

ThanX as always to Lucy.

Added Monday, July 3, 2000
Bits and Pieces
This week's "Chimera" episode was the pick of the night in last Thursday's Daily Telegraph 7 Days section. In the July issue of Blockbuster magazine there's a pic of Gillian Anderson presenting at the 6th annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Just a week after issue #48 arrived, #49 of The X-Files Magazine (UK) has hit local newsagencies. The mag includes stories on XF guest actors, writer David Amann, behind-the-scenes on season 6 episodes How The Ghosts Stole Christmas and Rain King , a poster of Gillian Anderson from First Person Shooter and more. TV Week has a photo of Gillian Anderson in one of their fashion pages.

Graceland II
video coverFurther to the story below. What you have to do is

Send either a blank CD-R or a blank VHS tape and include a stamped, (not metered) envelope so I can return the CD or tape to you via regular postal mail. Ship all to:

    Joe Masucci
    17A Old Hickory Dr. Apt 1A
    Albany, NY 12204

If you choose to see the episode on CD make sure that you are running a PC or Mac with at least a 400MHz processor and have the latest version of Quicktime (free download from www.apple.com installed.

Added Saturday, July 1, 2000
Sydney Marathon
An X-Files marathon will be held in Sydney in aid of Gillian Anderson's charity Neurofibromatosis. on Saturday 8 July. For those who are interested, a mailing list for the event has been set up at egroups, xfmarathon@egroups.com. For further info you can also e-mail either Clare or Gemma. There are ways that people out of Sydney can participate, so they'd love to hear from as many people as possible.

Three Kings
Just thought I'd mention that the brilliant movie Three Kings [starring George Clooney, Mark Walberg and Ice Cube] is now out on video and features Nora Dunn who played Joanne Fletcher in the Dreamland and Dreamland II episodes.

If you haven't yet bought yourself a copy of Closure it will be available in Big W stores from tomorrow for just $16.

Magic Mitch
I saw and ad the other night for a repeat of the TV special Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed which has Mitch Pileggi as host. I think it's on tonight but I'm not certain because it's not in the TV guide I have.

Magazine Updates
The following is courtesy of Lucy.

This week's Take 5 magazine has an article on David Duchovny where he talks about his shyness and other things. The SFX Babes magazine is currently in local newsagencies and it contains 2 full page colour photos of Gillian Anderson. There is also a photo of GA on page 128 of New Idea. UK magazine OK [dated June 16] has an article on Return to Me and David Duchovny.

As I've said before, most overseas mags have two release dates in Australia, firstly by air then by sea which can be up to three months after the cover date. The cost is normally much more expensive for the air freight copy. Ask your local newsagency for availability.

Gold Coast Bulletin
From the Gold Coast Bulletin on Thursday.

There is a photo of Gillian Anderson at the top of article which reads:
The X Files will close this season when ..... [spoiler removed for Australian fans] Executive Producer Chris Carter managed to keep the cliffhanger a secret in the United States by writing the scene on the morning of filming.

He hand-delivered the last paragraph to the set. Carter is not the first Executive Producer to go to extraordinary lengths to keep a cliffhanger a secret. Spin City producers snipped scenes from reviewers preview tapes of the last episode which featured Michael J.Fox because they feared they revealed too much. And the makers of ER paid a skeleton crew an extra bonus when they brought George Clooney back to the show for a reunion with his former on-screen partner Juliana Margulies.
ThanX Lucy

Links Updates
I've added another Australian site to my Links page that you should check out if you're into fanfic. It's called The X-Files: Outside The Mainstream/Scully's Case Files and features the writing of Cathy Goodwin. The site is maintained by Yvon*)

From About X-Files Fans Guide.
If anyone is interested in seeing an original X-Files episode (title "Graceland") written and produced by fans from upstate New York just email me for info on how to get your own FREE copy. Or check out a few posted clips from the episode at our Web site www.fountainheadpictures.com.

This is not a joke or some clever new spamming method, email David Swinney and ask him how he liked the episode.
Joe Masucci

For the record, I liked it very much. It comes highly recommended. - David Swinney.
I haven't looked at the site yet so can't vouch for its contents.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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