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February 2000

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Added Thursday, February 24, 2000
X-Files Return
March 8. Need I say any more?

The latest issue of Juice (#88, March 2000) includes a piece on Gillian Anderson chasing a role in the next Star Wars movie, and missing out on the Silence Of The Lambs sequel.

Grammy Awards
David Duchovny made the news on various channels tonight thanks to the revealing dress worn by his Grammy Award co-presenter Jennifer Lopez. You can catch the segment in full on the Grammy presentation later tonight.

The X-Files Movie on DVD
According to the latest news I have, The X-Files Movie: Special Edition will be released on DVD on March 23. Apparently the quality of the transfer is exceptional although we do miss out on the 8 page booklet that was included with the US release. The DVD includes a commentary track by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, the original trailer and a featurette.

Next Update
As forewarned below, I'll be moving house tomorrow so by the time I get everything back in order, and providing this PC comes back to life, the next update probably won't be until next Tuesday or Wednesday. See you then.

Added Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Tabloid Roundup
This week's Who Weekly has a photo-story on celebrties and what they looked like in high school. There's a pic of a young David Duchovny in his basketball uniform. New Weekly has a photo-story on celebrities and old stars they resemeble. There's a pic of Gillian Anderson alongside Joan Crawford. Woman's Day has a piece on David Duchovny and Tea Leoni having to rush an ill Madelaine to the hospital recently, and mentions the Minnie Driver rumours.

Gillian Anderson was on Entertainment Tonight yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't find out until it was too late. Thanks Kelly.

Playing By Heart Competition
From Clare on ausxfnews:
There's a competition to win the Playing By Heart video (starring Gillian Anderson) at The Village. You have to write in 25 words or less how you won over your valentine on February 14.

Added Sunday, February 20, 2000
X-Files Return
Channel 10/Capital has finally started to run promos for season 7 of The X-Files -- no firm return date yet, just "Coming Soon"!

Return To Me
The new David Duchovny movie, Return To Me has an official site.

The X-Files Movie on DVD
The release of The X-Files Movie on DVD, due last Wednesday, has been postponed again and will now be released as late as April 6.
Thanks Lyle on ausxfnews

The new show Roswell debuts on Australian TV tomorrow night. One of the producers is ex-X-Files director David Nutter.

Site Update
I've removed the java script that was supposed to let you know if the site has been updated since your last visit because it wasn't working properly. Any java script experts out there want to help? I'll be moving house at the end of the week so the number of updates over the next fortnight will be somewhat limited until I get my life (and 'puter) back in order.

Added Thursday, February 17, 2000
Rolling Stone
The latest issue of Rolling Stone has a (rather sarcastic) review of the Biogenesis video plus a competition where they are giving away 10 copies of the video and 5 autographed Mitch Pileggi photos. To be in with a chance, you have to write in 25 words or less why you think "Mulder and Scully should get it on" and send your entry to:
Rolling Stone/Biogenesis Comp.
78 Renwick Street
Redfern NSW 2016
Entries close on March 8.

I received some material from Photon Publishing today outlining the upcoming Holodiction conventions in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland (NZ) during March-April. While Holodiction doesn't have any X-Files guests this time, Photon says they will be inviting X-Files guest speakers to future events. In the meantime, if you order a video from them before March 10, you get a special invitation (free ticket) to attend the Dealers Room at the conventions where you can buy X-Files collectibles plus a huge range of other sci-fi products.

While it is becoming increasingly more difficult buying X-Files merchandise in normal retail stores, there is a big range of XF merchandise available through Sci-Fi Collectibles (write to them at GPO Box 2067, Sydney, NSW 2001 or phone 02 9311 4655 if you want a full list) including chromium prints, postcards, card game, trading cards, t shirts, cells, videos, books, comics, magazines, badges, mouse pads, figures, phone cards etc.

Added Wednesday, February 16, 2000
Season Three video release
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose/War Of The Coprohages, Pusher/Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' and Wetwired/Avatar were released today.

Added Tuesday, February 15, 2000
Weekly Magazine Update
This week's TV Week has a small bit on the new movie Hannibal, stating that Cate Blanchett has pulled out of the role of Clarice leaving Gillian Anderson (accompanied by small picture) and Helen Hunt in the running.

New Weekly has a bit on the new David Duchovny movie Return To Me, with DD warning X-Files fans not to expect a character like Mulder. There were two pictures of him with co-star Minnie Driver.

Playing By Heart
A reminder that Playing By Heart, featuring Gillian Anderson, is available in video stores from today.

Added Monday, February 14, 2000
Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day to all the romantics reading this update. For all the shippers, here's a scan [165k] I did of The X-Files valentine card I mentioned below.

Gun Shy
For Mitch Pileggi fans, here's an official site for his new movie, Gun Shy.

Site Update
I've added a couple of java scripts to this site so if anything weird happens please let me know and I'll try and fix the problem! I've added a script to the Index page that will let you know if changes have been made since your last visit (as long as you have cookies enabled) while you may have noticed the news added to the statusbar which I added about a month back.

e-mail address
I'll be moving house in two week's time and will be changing to another ISP which means I'll lose my current e-mail address. In the meantime if you want to contact me use tacobelle99@hotmail.com.

Added Sunday, February 13, 2000
TV Guide Award
The finalists have been announced for the Second Annual US TV Guide Awards. Gillian Anderson (Favourite Actress in a Drama), David Duchovny (Favourite Actor in a Drama), and The X-Files (Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show) all reached finalist status in their respective categories.The winners will be announced on March 5. Check out the full list of finalists at http://www.tvguide.com/features/awards2000/.

Richard Belzer chat
Who's Richard Belzer you ask? It's a bit off topic, but on Friday February 18 (8 PM ET US) there will be a chat with Richard Belzer from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Homicide: Life On The Street at www.tvguide.com/chat/. Belzer appeared in The X-Files' Unusual Suspects episode, playing the same character.

Newspaper Update
Thursday's Daily Telegraph had a review of The X-Files Movie which screened on Showtime, giving it four stars. There was a pic of Mulder and Scully with the cornfield background. Today's Sun-Herald had a review of Playing By Heart in their Television magazine, giving it three stars.

Added late Saturday, February 12, 2000
FoxScript Font
Want the latest X-Files related font?

This from Lockergnome, the best newsletter on the internet, IMHO.

Font: FoxScript [32k]
Download at: http://www.antaviana.com/typeface/fox.zip
or visit the site at: http://www.antaviana.com/typeface/
At last, Gretchen's watched every 'X-Files' episode. Her motivation? David Duchovny. And here I thought that she was a big sci-fi freak. Turns out, she's just a freak. I should have known when she started cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them to the ceiling above our bed. I suppose that wouldn't bother me too much if she gave equal space to Gillian Anderson. Just my luck, she doesn't like redheads... and besides, they don't go with the decor.
The Lone Gunmen Spinoff
You can read more articles on the proposed Lone Gunmen spinoff series on my Unusual Suspects page.

Added early Saturday, February 12, 2000
Gillian's Lips
gillian's lipsGillian Anderson is participating in the fund raiser "With This Kiss" to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It's a charity auction where participants can bid on autographed lip prints from various celebrities. The bidding closes on February 14. Gillian's lips are going for $3,245 which is easily the highest amount bid. Many others are around the $100-$200 mark. You can access the site by clicking on http://auctions.yahoo.com/booth/kiss_charity_auction.

This is what the site says:
Through With This Kiss, a special AIDS awareness campaign presented by Yahoo!, you can have fun and make a difference this Valentine's Day by bidding on some of the world's most famous lips.

In addition to bidding on original, autographed lip prints from celebrity supporters, you also can send an online greeting card through Yahoo! Greetings featuring Gillian Anderson's lips and her signature or one of the many celebrity participants.

All proceeds from the Yahoo! Charity Auction will be dedicated to funding educational programs targeted at AIDS prevention, and/or elimination of prejudice and discrimination against HIV affected individuals; and programs that provide services to people living with AIDS.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is an international non-profit organization funding direct patient careservices and AIDS prevention education. The charity, with offices in Los Angeles and London, was established in 1992 by Elton John, who serves as its Chairman.
You can send the greeting card mentiond above [which looks like this ] by clicking on the yahoo!
Celebrity Smooches link.

Awards Update
Michael on ausxfnews has been busy gathering X-Files awards information. Apart from those previously mentioned here, nominations in the first Annual Hollywood Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards, which will be presented on March 19, include:
In the 21st Annual Young Artist Awards, Jeffrey Schoeny has been nominated in the Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - Young Actor Age Ten and Under category for his role in Trevor. Brittany Tiplady from Chris Carter's Millennium is also nominated for an award. It's her fourth.

In the 14th Annual ASC Awards Bill Roe is nominated for Outstanding Achievement Award in Cinematography - Television for the Agua Mala episode.

Austar Magazine
The February issue of Austar Magazine, issued to subscribers to that PayTV service, features The X-Files Movie on the cover. Thanks Karen and Merhcant on ausxfnews.

Added Wednesday, February 9, 2000
Showtime Competition
To co-incide with the launch of The X-Files Movie on Showtime, the PayTV station is running a competition with different prizes depending on how you enter.

Firstly, you can enter over the internet by going to www.promo.com.au

Secondly, you can enter by snail mail by sending a completed entry form (found in this week's issue of Who Weekly) to:

Locked Bag 2121
Neutral Bay
NSW 2089

or faxing the form to 02 9953 9478.

Thirdly you can phone 1900 123 015

There are four lots of weekly prizes (packs of 4 X-Files videos) by each medium, then there is one major prize for each medium -- a Digital Video Camera (internet); an Apple iBook (mail or fax); and a Handheld DVD player (phone).

Prize draws take place on February 7 (missed that one already), 14, 21 and 28 with the major prizes drawn on March 2.

Entries close on February 29.

Weekly Magazine Update
As well as the above competition, this week's Who Weekly (issue 416) has what they say are the 25 TV Programs You Shouldn't Miss This Year -- One of the 25 is The X-Files:
"I am totally involved this season," says creator Chris Carter. "I'm slated to write 10 episodes, including the season finale, which we're looking at as the end of the series." Will they go out with a bang? "Yes, definitely," says Carter, adding that in the end-off, "Mulder [David Duchovny] and Scully [Gillian Anderson] do something they've never done before." Like smile? Network Ten.
The mag also has a review of the new movie The Green Mile and a largish photo of it's three main stars, Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan and Doug Hutchinson (better known to XF fans as Eugene Victor Tooms).

New Weekly has a small bit on Gillian Anderson desperatley wanting a role in the next Star Trek movie while TV Week has a small piece on The Lone Gunmen spinoff.

Channel 10 Competition
Not strictly an X-Files competition but Channel 10 is running a competition until February 20 where you can win a trip to Fiji and $500 cash or other minor accommodation packages and a camera by phoning a number (1900 933 975) and naming three of the stations top 10 shows. The X-Files is the first show mentioned in their promo of those top 10 shows.

Playing By Heart
The February issue of Video Ezy's Ezy Entertainment magazine confirms the release date of Playing By Heart, featuring Gillian Anderson, as February 15.

For quite some time now, two promotional ads for the country PayTV service Austar have included some X-Files clips, from The X-Files Movie, including one funny one where someone says his New Year's ambition is to quit smoking and it cuts to a shot of Cancer Man puffing away.

The Lone Gunmen spinoff
You can read two more articles here.

Added Saturday, February 5, 2000
Big Weekly Update
Hi, I'm back again after another week away from home with the following X-Files news to report:

Biogenesis Competition
As advised back on December 26, the February issue of Blockbuster Magazine (#40) has an X-Files competition plus an interview with Mitch Pileggi. The first prize (there are five of them up for grabs) is an autographed framed photo of Mitch Pileggi (valued at $1,000), a Biogenesis video and an X-Files poster. There are also five minor prizes consisting of the Biogenesis video and X-Files poster. To win, you have to answer the question in the magazine which is:

How many X-Files roles did Mitch Pileggi audition for before getting the role of Skinner?

Phone 1900 921 131 with the answer, your name, address, phone number and Blockbuster member number. The competition closes at 23:59 on February 29.

X-Files Return?
There's been a lot of speculation regarding the exact return date for The X-Files in Australia. Channel 10 is keeping the date secret - they just say it's "returning soon" on their website. The TV Week story below also had the same thing - "returning soon". As there haven't been any promos for the new season on Ten yet, it's a safe bet that it won't be until early March.

Vote for The X-Files
The Ten website is running a poll for which of three shows viewers want to return to air first. You can vote by clicking on this link. Dawson's Creek had 55% of the vote this morning ahead of Charmed and The X-Files which is lagging behind on just 25%, up from 17% earlier this week. What's the point of this poll seeing as Dawson's Creek started back this week anyway? Thanks Michael and Pam on ausxfnews.

TV Week
As mentioned last week , this week's issue of TV Week had a small pic of Gillian Anderson on the bottom of the cover with a caption "Gillian says goodbye" and a two page story titled "Time to say farewell".

Who Weekly
This week's issue of Who Weekly had a double page ad, utilising the cool blue movie poster, for The X-Files Movie which screens on Showtime on PayTV tonight. The mag also has The X-Files in their Remote Patrol TV section for last night's The Complete X-Files Mythology on Fox8:
X-Filers, your spaceship has come in: 4 1/2 hours of truth-searching, conspiracy-plotting and myth-making to whet the appetite for Showtime's TV premiere of The X-Files Movie. The Complete X-Files Mythology includes episodes from the TV series that pose questions which are later answered in the film. It also goes behind the scenes of the series with actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter, in search of the truth. It's still out there.
Foxtel Magazine
The February issue of Foxtel magazine has details on The Complete X-Files Mythology and Movie (as previously advised by Adam back on January 22) as well as a quiz.

Michael Watkins
X-Files producer/director Michael Watkins talks about the art of directing suspense on the TVIndustry.com website. Spoiler alert: The article contains spoilers regarding season seven episodes that Watkins directed, and includes a couple of QuickTime clips from season seven.

SAG Awards
For the fifth year in succession, Gillian Anderson has been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the Best Actress in a TV Drama category. Gillian won the award in 1996 and 1997. David Duchovny was also nominated, for Best Actor in a TV Drama. The SAGs will be presented on March 12.

ADG Awards
Continuing the awards theme, The X-Files' production designer Corey Kaplan has been nominated for an award in the Art Directors Guild's (ADG's) fourth annual Excellence in Production Design Awards in the Television Series category for the Amor Fati episode.

The Lone Gunmen spinoff, no longer a rumour
From carterphile@webtv.net:
Fox targeting ``Gunmen´´ pilot
Variety - Fox Broadcasting Co. has greenlit a drama pilot for an X-Files spinoff based on The Lone Gunmen characters seen from time to time on the series.

The new show will likely feature the actors who play the paranoid characters now seen on The X-Files, though no deal has been completed. X-Files creator Chris Carter is on board to produce the pilot for next season.

The Gunmen deal is unrelated to talks regarding another season of X-Files. An outcome on those negotiations is expected in the next few weeks.
Josef Adalian
You can read another article here.

Shipper alert
For all the shippers out there, don't miss the X-Files Valentines card (called the XOXO Files) which I bought earlier this week. It's very funny. The card features a couple who are obviously Mulder and Scully. Mulder says: "These people are all clearly in the state of love. You can't deny that fact." Scully replies "And you're suggesting that a flying baby with an arrow had something to do with it?" The card is from Hallmark Shoebox and you should be able to find in most large stores - I bought mine at Woolies Metro in Sydney.

Did anyone catch the missing episode of Millennium (episode three from season three) that was screened last Tuesday on Seven/Prime? The episode was of interest to X-Files fans with Robert Wisden (Pusher) in a starring role alongside a couple of other XF guests. It seems Seven didn't screen the ep. in 1999 to avoid panicking viewers with it's Y2K doomsday prophecy!

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