English Sutras

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Sutras in English

    1- Amitaba sutra , also called the Smaller Sukhavathi Sutra, is a sutra (teaching of the Buddha) of the Pure Land sect where the Buddha Sakyamuni told to his disciple Sariputra about the Land of Bliss of the Ancient Buddha Amita (also called Amitaba, Amitayus).

    2- Contemplation Sutra is also a sutra of the Pure Land sect where the Buddha Sakyamuni taught to queen Vaidehi about the sixteen methods of Contemplation (meditation) to reach the Land of Bliss (Sukhavati) of the Ancient Buddha Amita.

    The sutra began with the story of Ajatasatru, heir to king Bimbisara of Rajagriha, who murdered his father under the influence of Devadatta and his own greed and anger.  Queen Vaidehi's life was spared thank to the king's physician Jiva counselling to Ajatasatru ... please read on!

    3- Larger Sukhavathi Sutra is a sutra of the Pure Land sect where the Buddha Sakyamuni told to Ananda and the assemblee about the origin of the Ancient Buddha Amita, as well as His 48 Vows.

    Many eons ago, under the Buddha Lokasvararaja, lived a monk named Dharmakara who vowed when becoming Buddha will establish a Land of Bliss to welcome all sentient beings who wanted to be saved ... This sutra is long, so we divide it in two parts.  Please read on!

    4- The Diamond Sutra is an important Sutra of Zen sect where the Buddha Sakyamuni expounded the essence of no-self answering Subhuti's question "how to steadfast the mind?".  This Sutra is taken from the website of Mindessence Zen Center in Oklahoma and is divided in 32 parts as in Zen tradition. 

    5- Ksitigarbha Sutra tells the story and vows of the Earth Womb (Ksitigarbha) Bodhisattva, as well as the merits of the practitioners.

    This Ksitigarbha Sutra is laid out in Unicode, so please tell us if you have problem reading it!

    6- The Path of The Ten Beneficial Actions Sutra is told by the Buddha to the Dragon King (Naga Raja) abouth the merits of practicing the Ten Good Deeds.  The Sutra was translated from Sanskrit to Chinese by Siksananda under the Chinese Tang dynasty, and translated to English by William J Giddings. 

    7- Sigalovada Sutta is a Theravadin sutra where the Buddha taught the layman Sigala about the meaning of bowing to six directions as well as the duties of a layperson to the symbolic representations of these directions.  This sutra was translated by the Maha Thera Narada, a Singalese monk, author of "The Buddha and His Teachings" among others.  This sutra had also a Mahayanist equivalent (Kinh Thien Sanh) which was basically the same.

    8- Kwan Yin Sutra, in fact the 25th chapter of the Lotus Sutra, is translated from the Kumarajiva's Chinese by Dharmamitra, also known as the Common Door Sutra (Kinh Pho Mon).

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