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Our Thoughts and Prayers are for the victims of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack

HT Hanh-Minh Ho Tan Anh v phap vong than Ram thang Bay nam Tan-T



HT  Thch Tr Chn chu le HA-NGUYEN va thuyet-phap tai Chua Hai-c

Tra Chu Nhat 2 thang 12, 2001, hoi 11 gi tra


Thong-iep VU-LAN 2545 cua HT Thch-Huyen-Quang

Trang Th Van:

  1. Ca Tung oi Canh Gai, truyen ngan, Nhat Hanh.

  2. Piano Sonata 14, truyen ngan, Tue Sy.

  3. Hai V Thien S, hoi ky, Pham Cong Thien.

  4. i Chua, truyen ngan, Minh Vi

  5. i Vao Coi Th Tue Sy, trch Bui Giang

  6. Em Le Chua Nay, th Pham Thien Th.

  7. Ngay Xa Hoang Th, th Pham Thien Th.

  8. Cau Chuyen Nha S, truyen ngan, Nguyen Ba Hoc (1919).

    We're the web presence of Northeast Florida Buddhist Association, a 500+ strong membership in Jacksonville, Florida, mostly of Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhists, practicing weekly at our temple locating at 2101 Pickettville Road, Jacksonville, Florida, from 10am.

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    We can be reached (rarely) by phone at 904-781-4183, better by mail at: P.O. Box 60097, Jacksonville, FL 32236-0097,  or faster by e-mail at

    ay la Trang Nha cua Hoi Phat-giao ong-Bac Florida, chua Hai-c, gom hn 500 Phat-t hoi-vien tai Jacksonville, Florida, va vung phu-can; hau het la Phat-t Viet-nam t nan Cong-san, va thanh-vien cua Giao-Hoi Phat-Giao Viet-Nam Thong-Nhat.

    Muon tm hieu them ve to chc cung nh tnh hnh Hoi-vien va than-quyen, xin bam vao

Muon ro ve quan hon tang te, lch-trnh sinh-hoat chua, tin tc va hnh anh cac Phat-s cua Hoi, xin bam vao hoac bam thang vao hay hoac .

    Muon biet tin tc Phat-giao hoac tm cac tai-lieu cu, xin bam vao .

    Muon tm hieu to-chc va sinh-hoat cua Gia-nh Phat-t Hai-c, thuoc Mien To-Lien, Giao-Hoi Phat-Giao Viet-Nam Thong-Nhat, xin bam vao .

Tin Th GPT Xuan Tan-T do Gia-nh Phat-T Hai-c ong gop.

    Muon oc Kinh tieng Viet, xin bam vao ; cac bai thuyet phap cung nh cac sach luan .

    Gii thieu sach , bao va tap-ch , con th van nhac va .

    ien-thoai cua chung toi (rat t khi co ngi tuc trc) la (904)-781-4183; tot nhat la gi th ti a-ch  2101 Pickettville Road, Jacksonville, FL 32236-0097, hoac ien-th

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