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On midnight January 24, 2001, many hundreds of Buddhists and non-Buddhists have gathered at Hai-c Buddhist temple to pray and celebrate the New Year of the Snake (Tn Ty.).

Toi giao-tha Tan-T, nham 24 thang 1 nam 2001, hn 500 Phat-t va ong-hng cung nh than-hu Hoa-ky a van tap ve Chua Hai-c, tru s Hoi Phat-giao ong-Bac Florida e tung kinh Cau-An au nam.

The prayer was for individual, familial and universal peace (Cu An), directed by one of our Director, Upasika Nghim-Ngoc (Nguyn Thi My Hng), the motak being directed by Upasika Chu-Ngoc (L Hoa Nhuy) and the bell played by Upasika Diu-Ngoc (L Thi Hng Thu).

Nghi-thc Cau-An do mot thanh-vien ban Giam-oc, ao-hu Nghiem-Ngoc (Nguyen Th My Hong) chu le, vi ao-hu Chau-Ngoc (Le Hoa Nhuy) duyet-chung, va ao-hu Dieu-Ngoc (Le Th Hong Thu) duy-na.

 H Nghim-Ngoc chu l, H Chu-Ngoc g m, H Diu-Ngoc nh chung.


    H Diu-Ngoc

    H Nghim-Ngoc

     H Chu-Ngoc              


The following pictures were taken during the service:see next page

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