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Cookings is all about the joy of cooking - the joy of creating a gift for friends and family.  Most importantly, it's about the joy of friends gathering together over a home cooked meal and being friends for each other.

Cookings aims to make it easier and more fun to entertain at your place.

To do this, Cookings brings you recipe ideas, menu plans, recommended cook books, a cook's guide to the web, plus wine and music reviews for adding that little something extra.   Cookings is not a large recipe archive, but a collection of essential recipes and menus  to cook through.

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What's New?

The Web Chefs new BBQ
Great easy soup - Corn and GInger
Speciality of the house:  LumberJack Cake
A new essay under the new Poetry of Cooking section on Nigella Lawson's new book.
And a few dangerous suggestions for take away Japanese
A new webite for Nigella as well.
By popular request, Dave's Potato Salad

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Disclaimer:  All recipes, ideas and recommendations are contributed by the ordinary folk who are the Cookings community in good faith.  If you manage to poison yourself, burn the house down or anything else nasty, don't blame us!

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