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Dar-ul-Ihsan Centre for Islamic Education and Muslim School was founded in November, 2000, initially with an after-school program, the Daily Qur’an class, and its weekend Islamic school program.


In September, 2001, the Centre opened its full-time primary school for Muslim girls (grades 1-8). The following year, the Centre added its High School tutorial program.


For the academic year, 2004-2005, it began a full-time program for high school. It successfully passed its inspection by the Ontario Ministry of Education, in February 2005, and its secondary program became fully accredited. However, in September 2005, the school was forced to close its primary section and reduce its secondary section to an independent-study program, due to lack of financial support.


In the 2006-2007 academic year, the decision was made to move away from the accredited program in order to develop a program of education more closely based on Islamic character development and the acquisition of beneficial knowledge, in conjunction with the attainment of skills and information necessary to contribute positively to Canadian society. This alternative program is currently under development. 


The Centre has been steadily expanding its programs in community education, both to the Muslim and non-Muslim population. For the Muslim community, it is continuing its daily Qur'an classes, its weekly Islamic studies classes and Youth Group.


In line with the Centre's commitment to build bridges within the wider community, it continues to be a resource centre for those seeking information about Islam; it supplies qualified speakers for public high schools and community education programs as requested; and the Centre now publishes a weekly faith column, "Bismillah", in the local newspaper, Standard Freeholder.


The Centre is a Charity organization, registered with Revenue Canada Charities Division.