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Aims and Activities

The aims of Dar-ul-Ihsan Centre for Islamic Education and Muslim School have been to serve Allah and further the cause of Islam through educational means.


The objectives and activities of Dar-ul-Ihsan Centre for Islamic Education include:


1)  Providing information and educational services to the larger community, Muslim and non-Muslim,


2) Providing daily after school lessons in Quranic recitation and Islamic studies to Muslim youth,


3) Providing weekly classes on Islamic beliefs, practices and relevant issues such as hijab and the Islamic concept of morality, for Muslim girls who currently attend public schools,


4) Publication of weekly columns on faith issues for the local newspaper (Standard Freeholder) and other opinion pieces when relevent,


5) Providing qualified speakers and lecturers on Islam to local public high schools, colleges and adult continuing education programs, and to the non-Muslim community in general,


6) Providing information on Islam to non-Muslims who contact us,


7) Issuing statements to the media, and responding to local media sources dealing with Islamic issues,


8) Providing religious instruction and support those who have recently accepted Islam,


9) Engaging in Interfaith dialogue and other forms of community bridge building.



The specific objectives of  Dar-ul-Ihsan Muslim School:


1) To protect and nourish a truly Islamic personality in its students,


2) To provide a healthy Islamic environment that instills Islamic values and morals, and nurtures the love of Allah and His Prophet (s.a.s.), and to link this religious basis to the qualities and values of good citizenship in Canadian society,


3) To equip Muslim students with the intellectual and educational skills to function in modern Canadian society,


4) To develop an educational system that is fully Islamic in character, and teaches all subject areas from an Islamic perspective,


5) To provide its students with a firm basis in the Arabic language, in order for these students to understand the message of the Holy Quran; to have access to the great works of Muslim scholarship preserved in the Arabic language.


(Note: unfortunately, due to lack of funding, we have had to close our primary school program, grades 1 – 8, and reduce our secondary program.)