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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education 

Following the ideological work of the late Dr. Syed  Ali Ashraf (r.a.), and more generally of the World Conferences on Muslim Education, the Centre has promoted the following concept of Islamic education:


"Education should aim at the balanced growth of the total personality of Man through the training of man’s spirit, intellect, the rational self, feelings, and bodily senses. Education should therefore cater for the growth of man in all aspects: spiritual, intellectual, imaginative, physical, scientific, linguistic, both individually and collectively and motivate all these aspects towards goodness and the attainment of perfection. The ultimate aim of Muslim education lies in the realisation of complete submission to Allah on the level of the individual, the community and humanity at large."

(Recommendation of the First World Conference on Muslim Education, Mecca 1997)


Hence, in all of its programs, the Centre emphasizes the importance of moral education and Islamic character building, in addition to acquiring a firm basis in Islamic religious education. In the Centre’s academic programs, it also emphasizes the acquisition of  knowledge, information, skills and technology necessary to function in modern society, within a larger framework of an Islamic philosophy of education.