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Tony Diamond Guitars,Vocals


Name: Tony Diamond
Date of birth: 02/02/73
Place of residence: Poplar Bluff Mo.
E-mail: alchemylive@yahoo.com
Hobbies: friends,family,wrestling and kicking back
Musical background:Started playing when a was 12 and never stopped
Former bands: Black Diamond,Necrosis,just to list a couple
Drink: ice tea,coffee,pepsi
Movie: to many to list really. i think i my fav would have to be "Brave heart" just to list one
Actor/Actress: julia stiles,drew barrymore,tom hanks,mel gibson
Band:Yngwie malmsteen,zakk wylde,blackie lawless,anders & jens johnansson
Instruments: Fender strats and Peavey power. when something works for you why screw with it!

Krusher Vocals



Name: Krusher

Date of birth: 11/12/71

Place of residence: Wappapello,Mo

Hobbies: Wrestling, playing guitar, writing music

Musical background: Stared playing when I was 12

Former bands: the Damara Smith band, Kicker

Food: Lasagna
Drink: Ice tea/Gatorade

Movie: Nightmare on elm street movies/Children of the corn

Actor/Actress: Tommy Lee Jones, Ashley Judd, and Monica Keena

Band: Wynonna Judd, Cinerella, any 80’s tunes

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, Vocals

Mike Harrison Drummer

Nick Haskins,Keyboards


Nicholas Haskins     Born 7/27/80
Nick never shows up for practice. But is always on time and on key. "Yeah Baby!" Started with the band in late '02.
Likes: Greek food, Greek Wine, Turkish Coffee, and Turkish Women. When not writing or at a show, He enjoys collecting and firing firearms from all over the world. Has been to Germany, India, Canada, Mexico, All 48 continental U.S. States. He lived in Osaka Japan 13 months until the events of september 11, 2001. Nick's japanese is crude and offensive.
Dislikes: Rappers, Gangsta's, Hoods, Thugs, Ghetto Rats, Movie stars, Rock stars, and People from southern California.
Favorite Food: Greek baked lamb with peas and rice pilaf.
Favorite Drink: Kretakos Wine (1998 red dry) and 7&7's
Favorite Musicians: Nightwish, CKY, HIM, Carl Orff, Enigma, Fiona Apple
Favorite Things: Dark olive, large breasted arab and turkish women.

Pat Price



Name: Murphy
Date of Birth: 03/27/72
Place of Residence: Poplar Bluff, MO 
Hobbies: Shootin' Pool, Reading, Playin' Guitar
Musical Background: Been playin' since 25
Previous Band: Stone Cruz & lots of jammin' in So. FL
Food: Seafood
Drink: Jagermeister (JagerBombs rock!!!), Root Beer, water
Movie: Westerns, Horror & Suspence
Actor/Actress: Dennis Hopper/Too many to list
Bands: Black Sabbath, Zakk Wylde, TSO, AC/DC, many more
Gear: Peavey Tracer, ESP "Explorer Type", 1976 Yamaha 4/12 Combo (thanks Greg)

Austin Ricards Bassist
Mike Harrison Drummer