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Tony Diamond Interview
1.how are things going with the band and in the studio?
Tony' things are going great the band is jammin and were pretty happy how things are going.
as for the studio we are busting are asses trying to get these albums done.
2.thats right you guys have 3 albums coming out this year are you recording all of them at once ?
yes we are! we are working on vocals for the new Diamond Odyssey album
and laying guitar tracks for the insturmental album
and writting and composing the unplugged albums
3.wow thats alot are they all being releast at the same time?
well thats what we are aiming for the new Diamond Odyssey album will be released the first week
of may we are shooting for the first 1st of may
and the other will fall close behind if not at the same time!
4.why 3 albums in one year most band only release 1 album a year?
i say why not were not playing by any rules no big record company telling us what to do
we do it all from writting to recording to covers and to release
we cut out the middle man that way the Diamond Odyssey fan get what they want from the band.
5.can you tell us what to exspect from the new albums?
well its simple the Diamond Odyssey albums what ever we name it will be a kick ass album like
the instrmental is more of the music i like to here
and the unplugged albums is more to Krusher and some of are fans liking.
all three albums are going to be awsom believe that!
6.your a big Yngwie malmsteen fan will the instrumental albums sound anything like Yngwie?
Yngwie is great i met him and his great wife on the G3 tour in Nashville hes an awsom guy
and a great hero to look up to as a guitar player
i dont know its hard to say i try to play like me truthfully i only know a couple Yngwie song so
i hope not to much of that is in there but i never know unless someone say something about it
but if i sound alittle like him than i feel its a complant to Yngwie becuase he is really great!
7.will we see Diamond Odyssey on the road this year?
im sure we'll play a few show we're hoping to have a show the day that the new album releases
we feel that its good to do a show on that day to hand out free cd and hang with everyone that suports us
after that well we are working on a plan for that we want to play everyware we can
the down fall for us is we do not like playing covers and most clubs and venues on the indy curcit
like for bands to do other music with theres i think its a load of crap myself
i dont want to trick people into coming to see us. you hear us you like us great we like you back lol!
its that simple but this is the option of one man .
8.the unplugged album who's doing most of the writting on that?
Krusher is doing most of the writting on that it more to his skill than mine
im a fast rock guitar kind, and Krusher is a well rounded musican in that matter.
i have to think about playing slower and what im doing and easier for Krusher being he
came from a counrty music background.
9.how is it that you and Krusher came together being your styles are so diffent?
Well i was writting a song called drifter love and krusher was hear and i ask him for ideas
and he wrote all the lyrics for the song and sang it and was like bro you need to work with
me on this album and we've been a team ever since!
10.rumor has it Diamond Odyssey crew is going to do a video?
for once the rumor is true we are working a couple of song for a video. we are going to use
a guys from around bluff to do the video im not sure of name right now Pat is working the deal on that
but we think it will be fun and cool to do a few videos
"i'd like to thank all are friends,famliy and fans for suporting us we love and hate you all" lol!!!!!!
                              Tony Diamond

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