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Diamond Odyssey Presskit

Diamond Odyssey Press kit

Diamond Odyssey

Diamond Odyssey was formed in 1999 by veteran musician Tony Diamond. Not long after, he was joined by Krusher Koloff ; a former country singer turned rocker. It started out as a side project, and had proven to be anything but. Diamond Odyssey puts on an electric live show to go with their equally electrifying array of music.

Diamond Odyssey has recorded 11 full length albums to date. Their musical styles include Rock, Metal, Neo classical, blues and even some country! You can definitely say you never know what to expect with the D.O. band members, coming from all different backgrounds; except to rock.

Diamond Odyssey Albums

Deadly Silence (1999)

Free (2000)

Stand a side (2001)

Diamond Odyssey (2002)

Existence (2003)

Leviathan (2004)

Family Curse (2005)

Family Curse Live (2005)

Heaven and Hell (2004)

Dawn of a new day (2005)

Vol.11 (2006)


Diamond Odyssey Band,

Krusher Koloff, Lead Vocals

Tony Diamond, Guitars

Nick Haskins, Keyboards

Mike Harrison, Drums

Steve Murphy, Guitars

Austin Richards, Bass

Diamond Odyssey is an original’s band, we know many cover songs, we just choose not to focus on that as much as the original music we so believe in. We have proven that down to earth musician’s can still have a place in the music industry, and being there is no room for rock stars in Diamond Odyssey, it has made it easy to work well with other bands, promoter’s, and our fans.

We believe that whether we perform for 5 or 5,000; Diamond Odyssey will always be ready to rock. Diamond Odyssey’s commitment to giving to there fans by playing live in every show possible, from benefits to full out rock concerts there are no cutting corners when giving to those in need and is always proud to help .





Diamond Odyssey will play any benefits that help individuals and organizations (i.e. cancer patients, American heart assoc. and many others)

We will play benefits free of charge within the 4 hour range of Poplar Bluff Mo., anything beyond that the booker/promoter must provide gas money.













Diamond Odyssey shows

Diamond Odyssey does not have a set price list due to venues and shows often very in price.

D.O. does work with promoters to make shows more cost efficient

D. O. is always willing to swap shows with other band’s as we are musicians not, “rock stars”, we will open or close a show.

D.O. is even willing to play some free shows. Once again no Rock stars here!!

All money arrangements will be agreed in written form before Diamond Odyssey books a show .


Now remember. . . !!! Diamond Odyssey is an Original band !!!

Not a cover band. We are at this time working on a cover set but that is not are first priority.


Booking Information

Contact: Tony Diamond

(573) 686-4711