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Updates are in !

The BoneYard & Caruthersville Chamber of Commerce
Rock'n The Heartland Back to health Benefit
This is a tornado relief event
April 29th @ The Caruthersville Riverfront

Band's start @ 11am


Diamond Oddyssey

Prom Night Heroe's

Lori's Headache


Fallen Within


Lot's of Great Raffles,,

Free service vouchers from Raben Tire & Auto Service

3 piece coffee table set from Christy's Furniture

3 Make Up Proceedures vouchers priced at $100 a piece from Sun Splash

A gift basket from Dollar General


2 set's of St. Louis Cardinal's Ticket's from AirServ

100% of the Raffles will go to the cities of Braggadocio, MO. & Caruthersville MO.

Everyone's help will be needed and appreciated. This is a bad time for alot of our BoneHead Nation, And we need to stand Loud & Proud for those in need.

Vendors needed, Contact BadBones @ 573-717-1582

May God bless you, and a big THANK YOU for your support

$5 Admission 6 and under FREE

March 2005

The Diamond Odyssey band is taking a break

A year off to be correct we have been busting ars since 1999and have never had anytime off so we are going on vacation we’d like to thank are fans for the support they have given us and we will see you next year

June 2005

Hey this Tony diamond I am releasing a new Diamond Odyssey album

There are 3 new tracks on this album and a bunch of never before heard demos

Power play will be the 1st release off of this album it will be in stores July 1st 2005

July 2005

Power play hit’s the radio it is awesome thanks to all are fans

September 2005

We are working on are 11 th album we were going to call it High on the Mountain but there are so many good song on this album we are going to call it Volume 11 the album will be released January 1, 2006

Check it out

Jan 2006

Volume 11 has been released and we are getting good review Hight on the mountain and Wasted seem to be making a bg splash

Diamond Odyssey has a new line up

Krusher Koloff Vocals

Tony Diamond Guitars

Steve Murphy Guitars

Mike Harrison Drums

Austin Richards Bass

We are working on the tour now booking shows

We have a show febuary 5th 2006 at Ray Clinton Park starting at 3 p.m.


A new band in the works Grey Skull

Line up is

Derek Deaton guitars

Tony Diamond Bass

Mike Harrison drums

Mike Connor Vocals

Feb 2006

Today was the big show it was colder than anything I can remember but we did awesome

We have a couple shows in march check out tour dates

Nov 18 2004


Vaults of Karma Recording Artist’s:


With Special Guests:

Diamond Odyssey

Wednesday December 08, 2004

Doors Open at 8:00 P.M.

$3.00 Cover



T Highway & 60 Highway Poplar Bluff, MO


Scooters II Nightclub, 4Play Productions, Drivin’Rain & Diamond Odyssey Used With Permission. All Rights Reserved
Oct 12 2004
Diamond Odyssey has some sad news and some awsom news
Brad starnes has left the band this is no suprize
the band knew brad was leaving and supported brad in wish to move on
Randy McKim has left the band there is no detail on him leaving the group?
Diamond Odyssey has a new drummer to help finish out the years tour

there are not much details at this time but the band will intro him at the next show
on Oct. 17
Diamond Odyssey has 2 shows this month Oct.17 and Oct.31 at Scooters II show starts at 8pm
there is no cover on the 17th were not sure at this time about the Halloween show yet
Diamond Odyssey is in the studio mixing there new live album which is due out Oct 31
you can get a copy on the album here or at one of the DO shows
as a bonus all those who had attended the live recording due get a copy of the Live album for free
all the rest of us have to Pay $ 5.00 and hell thats still damn good for a live CD it just goes to show
that the band dosent care about the money as much as they due about there fans.
Krusher, tony Diamond & Steve Murphy have been in the studio writting for the new album for those have been to the show Outlaw is the first release on the new untitled album the band has been getting a great responce from the newest track so we hope you like dig the rest of the album!!!!!!!!


Diamond Odyssey L.I.V.E...R.A.W...& UNCUT
Was recorded at Scooters II Sept 26 2004.
Release date is Oct.9th 2004.
The fan were great for us.they made this album more than we did,really they we're f,n crazy it was great.the album is a hit in my mind there we're every bit as loud as we were.we could not have done this if it wasent for them!
there will be a video following the live cd which will be released sometime after the album there is the live concert
behind the scence interview with members of the band sound check stuff and out take which the band like to add every thing to there videos and albums  
you can find out more details here as they come
as a bonus note everyone who attended the show will get a free cd of the Family curse live album
we have a list of everyone that was there its quite a list
so for those who were not there please do not try and com an album lol!!!!!!
the new album is only $5.00 so every one whos supported the band can get one with out going broke lol!!!
from Diamond Odyssey

Sept 28,2004

In this weeks entry Diamond Odyssey has some great news and some not so great news

The bands finished up the L.I.V.E. album it sounds great audio and video, which will be released Oct 9. The band is now finishing up on the video version such as interviews ect.


The Family Curse tour is coming to an end the band has been on the road since May

The band will be finishing up the tour this Sunday at Scooters II so come out and join the final show the band has said that this will not be the last show this year but they are heading back to the studio to finish up there newest projects for 2004 


Member News

Drummer Brad “Coma” Starnes will be leaving the band, after the Family Curse tour Brad has been Planning on moving to Joplin Missouri. For some time now he was waiting to tie all lose ends with the Family Curse album and tour, before he left. This is not a break up with Brad Starnes. Brad the band has been aware of the change for quite some time. And the band wishes Brad the Best of luck on his journey.


Keyboardist Nick Haskins will also be leaving the band after the tours end

Back in July of 2004 Nick had re-listed in the Air Force and we are glad to let him go those who know Nick would be proud to have him fighting for this great nation that we live in because we all know how good he is at violence.


(TD quote) “Brad and Nick have and are great friends of Ares. It’s important that everyone knows that the change is a mutual thing. Between the band with Nick and Brad’s leaving the group. We wish them both the best of luck in there journeys. And look forward to working with the guys again one day. We are not in anyway disappointed with the change after who could be upset with people who are trying to better them selves! “


Diamond Odyssey

Has been talking to a few Drummers in the area and will be releasing the newest updates here till the band finds the right replacement Tony Diamond will be playing drums and Steve Murphy be covering for Tony Diamond on lead guitar


Vocalist Krusher

Is planning to finish up his solo album in Oct, -Nov. this is an acoustical album

That Krusher has been working on all year for a Diamond Odyssey Unplugged album


Bassist Pat Price and Guitarist Randy McKim are going to take a much-needed break and the tours end before heading back into the Studio on the newest Diamond Odyssey album


Diamond Odyssey has written 5 new tracks for the up and coming album.

Outlaw the latest single released on the live album, the newest UN-titled album is due out in 2005.


We would like to thank all the people that helped with the LIVE album because of the fans that were there that night the album is going to be a hit you people were louder than hell THANK YOU!!!!!! from Diamond Odyssey





Sept 16, 2004


4 play Productions


Diamond Odyssey is recording a live album

At Scooters II in Poplar Bluff Missouri

On September 26th, 2004

Doors open at 7:30


2004 has been a great year for Diamond Odyssey

The newest album “Family Curse” has sold out

The band has pick up two radio deals with

XM Satellite Radio And Sirius Satellite Radio

For January 2005


The Diamond Odyssey band is grateful

For all those who have supported the band this year

And in return the band has decided to record a live album

For their friend, family and supporter

The band will also be selling the new album at half price

To show the album is about the people not the band.


The new Diamond Odyssey live albums will be released

Octobers 19, 2004

So come out and be part of the show

We hope to see you there


Scooters II in Poplar Bluff Missouri

On September 26th, 2004

Doors open at 7 30

No Cover Charge


The new album is out and it is kicking ars this is a ten song album and the band is every happy with the way it turned out it is on sale as of May 16 2004 and you can get it here now for only $ 5.00 +s&h  email the band at alchemylive@yahoo.com . the band is working on a online store as well as tring to get the albums into music stores in the area so stay tuned for that
Diamond Odyssey is heading to the studio again for there 5 th album
Recording is tp start in feb. and the album will be released in may hopfully
the band was on a break for the holidays season but now are back and ready to kick you in the ars!

Sept 13, 2004

Diamond Odyssey

Has added a new guitar player to its line up for 2004 tour & 2005 album

Steve Murphy. Steve has been added to the DO lineup to spice up Diamond Odyssey

Rythem section

Steve has come from the Stone Cruz band and we thank them and Steve for joining the band


Diamond Odyssey Line up

Vocals, Krusher

Guitar, Tony Diamond

Guitar, Steve Murphy

Guitar, Randy McKim

Bass, Pat Price

Keyboards, Nick Haskin

Drums Brad “Coma” Starnes

Hey guys this just in

Diamond Odyssey is hosting and promoting a new project

For local bands and any band can join here are the details


Contact Tony Diamond at:

573-686-4711 of show up at scooters II on any Sunday Night

Bring a demo of your bands and thats it Tony will review your demo and book you as needed for the showcase all bands and all music are welcome

The bands this week are Diamond Odyssey and Wrong turn  so come out and join Scooters II, Scooters II is located on T hwy and 60 behind Bullwinkles  Poplar Bluff Mo.


All local bands

Scooters II is looking for Original bands

It is now your time in the spot light!

If you want to show Poplar Bluff what youve got

Now is the time to sign up

All music acts are welcome


All bands must be approved

Before booking

Its this simple


Demo cd, album or video performance

Of your band!

Sign up today

 Contact: Tony Diamond


(573) 686-4711

 Please do not call Scooters II

Scooters is not booking the bands

Hey guys it has been very busy around the Diamond Odyssey studio lately. The band in in the studio recording not 1 not 2 but 3 albums this time around things are going so well the creative team of Diamond and Krusher have written enough stuff for 3 complete albums!
and all these albums are a bit diffent
first we have the Diamond Odyssey album one badd ass album better than all the others in my option.
second album is all instrumental? thats right !
Krusher and Tony Diamond has decieded to release an awsom guitar album iv heard demos and believe me these are some killer tunes lighting fast leads with awsom rythems of today and yesterday re-vistes
last but not least the band has been flooded with request of an unplugged album not really Diamond Odysseys thing but Krusher has a agreed being his roots of a former country singer still linger from time to time
Diamond is co-writting with Krusher " the album  is going to be a hit" Diamond says!
all 3 albums are due to be released in May!
we will have interviews shortly with the band and its members if you have anything you would like ask the band Email me here at alchemylive@yahoo.com
illl make your questions are answered


Diamond Odyssey has too new members to the the line up both kick ass guys and friends Pat price on bass & Randy McKim on guitar


The Diamond Odyssey album is finally finished

And is expected to be released by the end of the month

There are demos of the new album on Kazza for those of you are new to the band



Tony Diamond went as far as saying that the new album Existence is the best album yet by the band we have all worked are asses off to make it a killer album and it has finally come together the way we wanted it to


Aug 18 2004

Diamond Odyssey band in been on the road kicking butt mostly playing at Scooters discovering hidden bands that no one would ever find unless the showcase was in place

The band is putting on killer shows so much so that the newest album Family Curse is sold out that is awesome says the band


There are rumors that’s Diamond Odyssey is getting a new member

Well the rumor is true Steve from Stone Cruz has joined the band for there new untitled project Steve will be doing some writing with the band and playing show as well

It seem a little odd to have 3 guitar players being there is so much already going on in the music.

 “There’s no limit to music there’s no barrier there to keep us from trying new and cool things Steve is a good friend of DO and a big supporter on local music so the band is trilled to welcome Steve into the band “TD”


The guys from Diamond Odyssey have a new project in motion And is called


 Tony, Brad and Nick are putting a new band together

We are looking for a different sound and style out of Leviathan

I think we will get!

The new powerhouse to front the Leviathan line up is Christina Price

Thats right Christina a female singer this will be a first for the band working with a female singer but they are making demos and things are sounding great the Debut Leviathan albums is due out by the first of the year

Lets not count out Krusher the mad man of Diamond Odyssey Krusher is working of a duet with Christina and producing and writing on the album!