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Common Names: Basil
Latin Name: Ocimum Basilicum
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: Basil is a tender annual. Plant in full sun in moist, well-drained soil. It prefers a pH of about 6.0.
Cosmetic Uses: Basil is used in hair rinses to bring luster to hair.
Culinary Uses: Basil is the traditional pizza herb and is widely used in Italian cooking. Chop and add fresh to just about anything. It is the main component of pesto, a condiment mage from basil, garlic, pine nuts, and olive oil. Use the leaves whole in salads. It does not dry well, and stores best in oils, vinegars, or frozen.
Magickal Properties: Love, Wealth, Exorcism, Protection. It is a masculine plant associated with Mars and the element of Fire.
Magickal Uses: Basil soothes tempers between lovers, and is used in love incenses and sachets. Carry some in your pocket to attract wealth, or put it in the cah register to attract customers.
Medicinal Properties: Calmative, antibiotic.
Medicinal Uses: Basil is used as a digestive aid and has a slight sedative action. The extract of the seeds has an antibiotic effect.

Common Names: Bay, Sweet Bay, Bay Laurel
Latin Name: Laurus Nobilis
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: The Bay Laurel is a tree. In the northern hemisphere it is best grown as a houseplant, for it is only hardy to zone 8. Bay prefers moderately rich, well-drained soil, with a pH of 6.2, in full sun to part shade.
Culinary Uses: Use in Spanish, Creole, and French dishes. Every robust stew should have a bay leaf or two floating in it--but don't forget to take them out before you eat!
Magickal Properties: Protection, purification, healing, psychic powers. Bay is a masculine plant associated with the Sun and the element of Fire.
Magickal Uses: Bay Laurel is used in potions and incenses for clairvoyance and wisdom. It is also a protection and purification herb. You can use a sprig of bay laurel as a censer.
Medicinal Properties: Astringent, diuretic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory. Medicinal uses: Rub bay oil on arthritic joints to relieve pain and swelling. It also has benefits in the treatment of bruises, sprains, and rashes. Bay oil is an astringent and a diuretic with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Bee Balm
Bee Balm

Common Names: Bee Balm
Latin Name: Monarda Didyma
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: Monarda grows in full sun to part shade in average, moist, well-drained soil. It can be an annual, a biennial, or a perennial, and is hardy to zone 4.
Culinary Uses: Monarda has a sweet citrusy flavor. Use the leaves in salads, fruit dishes, curries, sausages, and teas.
Medicinal Properties: Antibacterial, antifungal, and vermifuge. Medicinal Uses: Use an infusion of monarda leaves for coughs, sore throat, nausea, and menstrual cramps. The oil contains thymol which is antibacterial, antifungal, and vermifuge.

Common Names: Betony
Latin Name: Stachys Officinalis
Parts Used: Leaves and flowers
Cultivation:Betony grows in average, well-drained soil with a pH of 4.0 It's a perennial and prefers full sun to part shade.
Culinary USes: Betony makes a very nice substitute for black tea.
Magickal Properties: Protection, purification, love. Betony is a masculine plant associated with Jupiter and the element of Fire.
Magickal Uses: Betony is protective and purifying. Burn it on your Midsummer bonfire. Grow it in your garden to protect your home.
Medicinal Properties: Sedative, nerve tonic, vulnerary, astringent. Medicinal Uses: Betony is an astringent with a slightly sedative effect. Use it as a gargle for sore throats, or drink it to treat nervous heaadaches and diarrhea.
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Common Names:Bistort, Dragonwort, Sweet Dock
Latin Name:Polygonum Bistorta
Parts Used: Root and rhizome
Magickal Properties: Psychic powers, fertility. Bistort is a feminine plant associated with Saturn and the element of earth.
Magickal Uses: Burn bistort with frankincense to improve psychic powers. Carry it with you if you wish to conceive; use in sachets and incenses for this purpose.
Medicinal Properties: Astringent, demulcent, anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary.
Medicinal Uses: Bistort is a powerful yet soothing astringent. Use it for childhood diarrhea or dysentery, or as an ointment for hemorrhoids. Gargle with an infusion of bistort for laryngitis.

Common Names:Bladderwrack, Kelp, Sea Spirit, Sea Wrack
Latin Name:Fucus Vesiculosus
Parts Used: Whole plant
Cultivation: Sea weed!
Magickal Properties: Protection, money, psychic powers. Bladderwrack is a feminine plant associated with the Moon and the element of Water.
Magickal Uses: Offers protection to those at sea. Summons sea spirits and sea winds. Uses in sachets and spells to increase psychic powers.
Medicinal Properties: Alterative, anti-hypothyroid, anti-rheumatic.
Medicinal Uses: Helps regulate an underactive thyroid. Relieves the pain of rheumtism and rheumatic joints.

Common Names: Bloodroot, King Root
Latin Name: Sanguinaria Canadensis
Parts Used: Rhizome
Cultivation: Bloodroot is a perennial that grows from a rhizome. Plant it in rich, moist, humousy soil in full sun to part shade. It is hardy to zone 3.
Craft Uses: Bloodroot produces an orange dye.
Purification, Protection, Love. Bloodroot is a masculine plant associated with Mars and the element of Fire.
Magickal Uses: Carry or wear bloodroot to draw love. Plant it near the doors of your house to protect your home.
Medicinal Properties: Expectorant, anti-spasmodic, emetic, cathartic, antiseptic, pectoral.
Medicinal Uses: Bloodroot acts as an expectorant while relaxing bronchial muscles, making it effective in the treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, croup and asthma.

Cautions: Do NOT treat yourself with Bloodroot! It can cause headaches, nausea and vomiting, and tunnel vision if used improperly!

Common Names: Boneset, Agueweed, Teasel
Latin name: Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Parts Used: Leaves, flowers, and shoots
Cultivation: Boneset likes rich, moist soil in full sun. It is hardy to zone 5 and tolerates a wide range of pH.
Magickal Properties: Exorcism, protection. Boneset is a feminine plant, associated with Saturn and the element of Water.
Magickal Uses: Boneset is used to ward off evil spirits.
Medicinal Properties: Diaphoretic, tonic, anti-spasmodic, diuretic, emetic.
Medicinal Uses: Boneset offers good relief for symptoms associated with influenza--it relieves aches and pains and fever and clears upper respiratory tract congestion. It also eases constipation and offers symptomatic relief for muscular rheumatism.

Common Names: Borage, Bugloss
Latin Name: Borago Officinalis
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: Borage is an annual that grows in rich, moist, light soil; it prefers full sun and a pH of 6.6.
Culinary Uses: Borage's cucumber-flavored leaves are used raw in salads or cooked like spinach. Eat the stems like celery. Candy the leaves and serve as dessert or as a garnish.
Magickal Properties: Courage, psychis powers. Borage is a masculine plant associated with Jupiter and the element of Air.
Magickal Uses: Carry borage blossoms to strengthen courage. Borage tea is said to help induce psychic powers.
Medicinal Properties: Anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, expectorant, galactagogue, emollient, diuretic, tonic.
Medicinal Uses: Borage helps treat depression. It relieves fevers, bronchitis, and diarrhea. It's an adrenal tonic, an anti-inflammatory, and stimulates milk flow in nursing mothers.

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