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Common White Jasmine

Common Names: Jasmine, Jessamin
Latin Name: Jasminum officinale
Parts Used: Flowers
Cultivation: Jasmine is a perennial shrub hardy to zone 7. They grow best in light, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Jasmine is a popular house plant.
Magickal Uses: Add dried jasmine flowers to love sachets and incenses. Carry or wear the flowers to attract money. Burn jasmine in the beroom to induce prophetic dreams.

Common Names: Juniper, Gin Berry
Latin Name: Juniperus communis
Parts Used: Leaves, twigs, and berries
Cultivation: Juniper is a hardy shrub often used as a groundcover. Plant both male and female plants if you want berries.
Culinary Uses: Juniper is the primary flavoring in gin, but it has other culinary uses. Use a few bruised juniper berries in marinades, soups, and stews. Juniper combines well with parsley, fennel, bay, and garlic. Grill meats with a juniper branch or two on the coals; this will give the meat a rich flavor.
Magickal Uses: Juniper is used to protect against thieves, evil forces, accidents, animal attacks, ghosts, and sickness. Juniper burned as incense helps strengthen psychic powers.
Medicinal Uses: Use poultices of juniper to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pains, as well as ulcers and inflammations. Juniper is a diuretic, but it acts by irritating the kidneys, and there are other, safer means available.

Cautions: Repeated use of juniper can cause kidney damage, convulsions, and personality changes. It should never be used by pregnant women.

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