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Common Names: Indigo
Latin Name: Indigofera tinctoria, I. suffuticosa
Parts Used: Leaves
Cultivation: Indigo is a tropical and sub-tropical shrub.
Craft Uses: Indigo leaves are used to produce a deep blue dye.
Medicinal Uses: Indigo has been used as an emetic, and the Chinese used indigo to cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and reduce pain, inflammation, and fever.
Cautions: Many varieties of indigo are toxic, and I do not recomment treating yourself with any of them!
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Common Names: Ipecacuanha, Ipecac
Latin Name: Psychotria ipecacuanha
Parts Used: Roots
Cultivation: South American shrub
Medicinal Uses: Ipecac is used as an expectorant to treat bronchitis and whooping cough. In larger doses it is a powerful emetic, and no first aid cupboard would be complete without a bottle of "Syrup of Ipecac" to treat poisoning.
Blue Flag Iris

Common Names: Iris
Latin Name: Iris spp.
Parts Used: Flowers and rhizomes
Cultivation: Iris are swamp perennials which prefer moist soil in full sun and a pH of 6.0. They are hardy to zone 5. Iris grown from seed can take three years to flower; they are usually propagated by root divisions or rhizomes.
Magickal Uses: Iris flowers have long been used in urification; place fresh flowers in the area to be cleansed. The three points of the flower symbolize wisdom, faith, and valor. Iris is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
Medicinal Uses: Blue Flag Iris is very useful in the treatment of various skin diseases, including eczema, spots, and blemishes. It can be used as part of the treatment regime for psoriasis. It also has a mild laxative effect.
English Ivy

Common Names: Ivy
Latin Name: Hedera spp.
Parts Used: Whole plant
Cultivation: Ivy prefers moist soil in full shade. Many species are evergreen. English Ivy is hardy to zone 5.
Magickal Uses:Ivy brings good luck to women, and is often carried by brides for this reason. It is used in love and fidelity charms, and guards against negativity and disaster.

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