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Common Names: Yarrow, Nosebleed, Milfoil, Wound Wort
Latin Name: Achillea millefollium
Parts Used: Leaves, stems, and flowers
Cultivation: Yarrow is a very hardy perennial. It likes moderately rich soil in full sun, and can often be found growing wild along the road.
Cosmetic Uses: Yarrow is an astringent cleanser good for use in facial lotions.
Magickal Uses: Use yarrow in your wedding decorations to ensure your love will last at least seven years. Carry yarrow to make pwople sit up and notice you. Yarrow tea improves psychic powers.
Medicinal Uses: Yarrow contains salicyclic acid derivatives and is good for treating fevers. It helps lower blood pressure, clear blood clots, and slow the heartbeat. It is an anti-inflammatory and is useful in treating nosebleeds, bleeding piles, and, conversely, amenorrhea.

Caution: Excessive internal consumption can cause photosensitivity.

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