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July 31, 2000

Not much to say so far. However, I have begun writing the 2nd part of Quiz Rebirth. I'll try to get it done by Friday (August 4th). On that day, I'll try to make the Resurrection site look a little better.

And yes, I'll try to post it to the EQ fanfic ML. Thank you.


July 14, 2000

After yet another long wait... it has started. Here's what's new.

1. Quiz Rebirth. Begin with Installment Zero, then begin the story at Installment One.

2. The Resurrection page. It's only a prototype, but it lists everything I hope to create.

3. A list of graphic novels with new material thus far.

Once again, thanks for putting up with me. I'll try to improve and update *soon*.

June 7, 2000

The updates page is cleared. The opening page has been re-written.

Plans have been made for Elfquest: The RESURRECTION.

All pretense aside, what am I talking about? Well, I realized this page had gone *way* too long without an update. Quiz Rebirth has been delayed for at least four months. This isn't good.

So, in the next few weeks, I plan to present an altogether new Elfquest page. It will reside on eq_addiction.tripod.com. No, the "Addiction" page won't be destroyed. However... the "Resurrection" page will be accessible from the entry page. It will contain entirely new topics and such.

What can you expect? First, a rundown of the EQ graphic novels so far. Second, a preview into what's still to be published. Third, an article or two, or perhaps all-new humor. I'll work on the ideas as the sub-site develops.

As for Quiz Rebirth... the plans have been set! The story will begin with the "Quest's End" arc, and end in a satisfying conclusion. (Heh.) It will be populated with powerful self-insertion and crossover characters. However, I will strive to have a story as well as a spoof. Wish me luck.

More later. I'm not feeling too well...


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