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October 14, 1999: After several delays and long computer sessions, another one is done. The third installment (scenes 3-4) of 'Quiz: Death is done. Like I said, this one's longer than most. With any luck, it'll be enjoyable all the same.

In 7-10 days, I hope to get the next part of TAL 4 done. I'm finally approaching the end of that--and the sooner, the better. What I should complete instead are some humor files, or a new links page, or...

October 6, 1999: Took long enough! Despite several long assignments and a difficult work schedule, 'Quiz TAL 4 chapter 6 is done.

I'm planning to post the next installment in Quiz Death next week... as early as possible. Watch for more bulletins.

October 1, 1999: I said I'd have more of TAL 4 done by today. Well, Fate hampered its progress. That said, TAL 4 chapter 6 will be released by Tuesday, October 5. Sorry about all this...

Oh, and you can now type in "http://eq_addiction.tripod.com" to get to this site.

September 22, 1999: The delays, for now, are over. The 2nd part of 'Quiz: Death is done. See it.

In a week or so, I hope to complete TAL 4 chapter 6. More news as it becomes available.

September 19, 1999: Well, things fell through. I spent a lot of time with work and homework, wasted a lot of time just going to random online places... and didn't finish the next part of Quiz: Death. I'll get back to this project, and have it posted by Wednesday, the 22nd.

September 14, 1999: You know how In-Depth Information was just sitting there, empty? I still haven't put in the time to write it. For the time being, though, I've placed Projects This Fall in its slot. This brief text file explains my work schedule and things-to-do for the next few months. As things change, it will also change.

I'll try to write up the next installment of Quiz: Death by Friday. If things fall through, I'll let you know.

September 11, 1999: I did the work, and it was worth it. The next part of TAL 4 is done: chapter 5.

Yes, I'm busy with Real Life. However, I'll still have a few opportunities to update. So expect a new installment of the 'Quiz movie WITHIN two weeks. You might get to see a side project or two in that time.

By the way, something happened to the Welcome Page. I had to re-code it... hope it still works...

September 9, 1999: Good news. I finally finished the first part of 'Quiz: Death. It's entitled The Escape to Victory?. Hope you enjoy it.

Right now, it's Thursday, and I've got two fics to work on. It'll be Saturday (the 11th) before I'll have any chance to write 'Quiz TAL 4 chapter 5. Sorry for all the delays...

September 6, 1999: Looks like I goofed again...

Last time, I said that I would post an installment of the "Quiz Movie." Well, it's Sunday now, and it still isn't done. I *should* have finished it Friday, but I didn't plan my time well.

Well, enough of that! This week, you (the reader) will have TWO fics to keep you entertained. The first installment of ElfQuiz: Death (The First Movie) and 'Quiz TAL 4 *will* be released by this Friday, September 11th.

...And if I procrastinate again, feel free to hit me over the head. After all, I have more than enough time, in spite of work, classwork, and everything else.

August 24, 1999: Oh man... I've got a lot of explaining to do. Sit down, and please don't complain too much.

I took a voluntary hiatus from 'Net life over the last few months. Though I posted a few things back in May, since then I've tried to concentrate on my writings. Most other writers know this feeling--how can you work on a new project when there's about twelve sites you want to see? In any event, all the delays will be ending soon.

Good news: there's now another chapter of 'Quiz. Though this fanfic has endured eighteen months on the Net, I'm glad to report that it isn't over just yet. See for yourself in TAL 4 chapter 4.

Next project: another take on EQ parody, but this time in script format. The working title is "ElfQuiz: Death (The First Movie)." I'll let you draw your own conclusions! It'll be posted by the end of next week (that is, by the first few days of September).


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