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An on line fan site of the fighting arts taught by Rick Faye at the Minnesota Kali Group.

Including: Inosanto method Jeet Kune Do and Kali; American Thai Boxing Association Muay Thai, Machado Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and More!

Featuring: Links to some of the coolest web sites and forums on the net for martial arts, fighting, NHB, MMA, self defense, and sport medicine.

Rick Faye Demos knife techniques at the Lake Owen, WI camp.Click for more pics of Lake Owen Camp
Camp photos

Ray and JJ practicing kali knife techniquesClick to see more kali, silat, and escrima
Filipino Marital Arts

JJ holds for Ray's muay thai kickClick to see more muay thai action
Muay Thai

Shortcuts and Services

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Photos of Lake Owen Camp 2000! Martial Arts Millennium Mayhem!

Photos of Lake Owen Camp 2001 a Martial Arts Odyssey!

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