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MKG is the school where we train. Owned and operated by Head Instructor Rick Faye. See his site for detailed information about our school location and up coming events and seminars with the worlds leading international and national instructors. is the home of The Thai Boxing Association of the USA.
Sage Arts Unlimited A JKD, Kali, and mixed arts school located in West Allis, Wisconsin.
http://www.thai is a link to a great article on Ajarn Surachai Sirisute the founder of The TBA. links to Kaveman Kali of Washington D.C.
Our FAVORITE, the Mecca of FMA! Dan Inosanto's web site. Forums, articles, histories and more links to a nice interview with Dan Inosanto
Announcing  the School Listing Project: Do to overwhelming volume of questions regarding where people can train all over the US, we are starting an all inclusive school listing. If you are a teacher or student list your school with us HERE. Also, join the Fighting Arts Web Ring above for FREE!!!
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Combat Submission Wrestling Erik Paulsons grappling and NHB training. Excellent Material for any reality combat enthusiest. CSW is located at  
Mande Muda Silat - The Suwanda Academy Mande Muda Silat is a living encyclopedia of many of the silat styles found in south east asia. Highly effective for self defense and adds a new flavor to anyone grappling for MMA.
Total Approach JKD, Somerville NJ (908) 685 TAJKD
is the link to Edges2 a cool site that makes training blades for martial arts.
Is a link to a very interesting interview with Dan Inosanto covering a wide assortment of topics. is a link to Inosanto's Free Voice news letter is a link to a brief biography of Dan Inosanto with lots of history and facts. Pekiti-Tersia International, a close quarters kali system of combat, very aggressive, strong and effective. (and a hell of a lot of fun!) Tuhan Bill McGrath.
On this Web site you will find in-depth information about Grand Master Leo M. Giron, the system of Filipino Arnis Escrima developed by Grand Master Leo Giron and the history and players of this combat proven martial art.
Arnis Balite, A site with many interesting pages showing stick, hand and grappling techniques. Great web design and structure, as well as cool martial arts coverage. By Steven Dowd, Punong Guro at Tagapagmana.

Play the Coolest "Free" Kung Fu Game I've Ever Seen!
This game is called "Kung Fu Kim" it is a freeware program created by Chad Frick. It is simply Awesome Fun! Are your skills good enough? It is a zip file and is about a 10 minute download at 56k but it's well worth the time! Have Fun!
Check out this wild fight caught on video. It is  probably the most unusual you've ever seen. (You've been warned!)
Check out this fight movie made with flash software. You will need Flash Player if you do not already have it.

Here is Genryu's Blade a Shock Wave Anime Feature...

 Here is a free downloadable cursor for you:
Featuring the arts of the MKG and Ray and Jon White demo-ing a pak sau, lop sau, gum sau series that ends with a elbow strike to the bicep and an arm drag/throw and lock.
MKGArtsWdemo.ani Just go to your windows control panel and click on "mouse" go to pointers/cursors and browse to the file folder you keep this download. (you may want to move it to your windows folders) If you download anything, please sign the guestbook and say hello!

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