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Jun Fan Kung Fu is the name given to the Fighting methods developed originally by Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee through his personal experience found that many of the Arts practiced in the orient and the west were well suited to fighting in certain areas and ranges. For example a western boxer had great stamina, strength and direct economical fist attacks combined with solid footwork: But it lacked ability to deal with low line and other unfamiliar/street fighter type attacks. In an effort to learn to deal with all types of assault he sought out the best teachers he could find and studied various arts and techniques. These arts included wing chung, boxing, savate, tai-chi chuan, judo, and jui-jitsu also studied many others.. His formulated method sought to include only techniques that were  economical in motion, and would allow for proficiency in all ranges of combat. These arts that were studied by Bruce and his students from 1964-1973 and are passed to us for study by Guro Dan Inosanto Bruce's friend, student and the only Instructor under Bruce to receive a 3 degrees instructorship from Bruce Lee personally.

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Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand. It has proven itself to be a pugilistic sport with few equals in its power and effectiveness. Contests can include exchanges of punches, kicks, knees elbows, and head butts. Clever footwork and strong cover skills help protect the boxers when defending. Also, fighting in the clinch is stressed for close range fighting. Practitioners of this art develop strong physical skills and determination. Ajarn “Chai” Sirisute is the founder of the American Thai Boxing Assoc. and is responsible for first bringing Thai boxing to the US He provides training and certification for the instructors at the Minneapolis Kali Group, as well as providing several seminars there each year. Many students enjoy this art for its strong, practical and effective structure and application.

Kali/Escrima is the name given to describe several arts from the Philippines that train its practitioners in the use of weapons and empty hand techniques. The turbulent history of the Philippines led to the development of highly effective ways to utilize unarmed, stick and bladed weapons for hand to  hand combat and conversely, how to defend against them. The effectiveness developed in this training is probably the most realistic and no-nonsense self-defense available in contemporary and ancient society. And interestingly, the arts ability to build coordination, speed and accuracy make it a very popular part of the beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. The techniques learned at the Minneapolis Kali Group are provided by Rick Faye and his instructors, who learned from Guro Dan Inosanto, who has studied Filipino martial arts for many years under dozens of the Philippines masters and are classified under the Inosanto Method of Kali/Escrima. Also taught is the Lemenco Method of Escrima which teaches short, medium and long range stick fighting which was founded by Punong Guro Edgar Sulite who dedicated his life to the study and sharing of Filipino art and culture

Grappling Program

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is a dramatically different and effective fighting art of South America. It emphasizes ground fighting techniques like; sweeps, throws, locks and submission holds. One on one, Brazilian fighters can be quite formidable once they close the gap between an opponent and themselves. These techniques of ground fighting have been thrust into the public spotlight over the last ten years by the success of several Brazilian "Ultimate" mixed arts championships. Since that time many western and eastern forms of grappling have made an impact on MMA training and competition, such as Shootwrestling, Catchascatchcan, Greco Roman, and Sambo. In order to offer the best possible training the MKG hosts many of the worlds finest seminar trainers like Machado Family BJJ, Eric Paulson CSW, Roy Harris, and more!

Eastern Grappling has a big part of our curriculum too. Various Silat styles bridge the gap between standing fighting arts and mat oriented arts. Silat, Pentjak Silat, or Pencak Silat is a grappling oriented martial art of Indonesia and South East Asia. Its roots are strictly self defense or self preservation oriented, as these were the methods of indigenous cultures defending themselves from invaders, thieves and pirates. Literally hundreds of different styles exist, each unique to a given town or village, culture or country. Maphilindo Silat is the synthesis of Dan Inosanto's family's vast experience in the Silat Styles of the Philippines and surrounding areas. Another family style is that of Mande Muda, now taught by Guru Besar Rita Suwanda. Both carry the rich fighting heritage of south east asian arts to new generation of practitioners.

MKG Boxing Club
Matt Escherman is the boxing fundamentals coach of the Wednesday night boxing club. Matt has had the privilege of training under several of the finest gyms in the Midwest and east coast. Together students of all levels work on foot work, shadow boxing, focus mitt, partner drills and sparring. 16oz gloves, head gear, and mouth pieces are mandatory for partner drills and sparring.