These are the symbols of our arts that are taught and practiced by the Minnesota Kali Group
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The Interactive Buddha's Oracle

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The Philosophy behind the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Muay Thai, etc.  can and does fill volumes of books by various authors. The purpose of this site is not to discuss the differences of styles of martial arts, or this technique or that technique, but to provide a small sample of material that can be used by those of us who practice JKD, Kali, Thai Boxing, Jui-Jitsu and the other arts taught by the Minnesota Kali Group.
The reasons for training are as numerous as the number of practitioners who study the martial arts. Many are professionals like soldiers, police, correctional, and security personnel who benefit from the skills they learn and may actually use them on the job. Others are Athletes seeking challenge and completion. And most are enthusiasts seeking a combination of fitness, challenge and self-defense. But we seem to pull some value out of the different methods of training regardless of who we are and what we practice. The "why" is only important in guiding you towards your own goals in training.            

Their are several philosophical quotes and sayings associated with Eastern martial arts. We would love you to submit your favorite sayings and start a "Sages Page". For posterity, try to be as accurate as possible as to what was said, by whom, and even when. And feel free to leave your name and where you are from.

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