These are the symbols of our arts that are taught and practiced by the Minnesota Kali Group
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Training Strategy
The traits of any athlete or fighter are varied and diversified. Each man, women or child posses varying degrees of ability, both physically and mentally. The goal of training should include examining these traits personally and improving any and all traits important to the individual. A good training environment that provides a safe place to train, combined with experienced instructors and a regimen that allows for development on several levels is key to growth and improvement. When training, attention should be paid to the characteristics one is trying to develop. Here are an example of some:
Knowledge: The ability to learn techniques and remember and execute strategy and tactics.
Precision/control: The extent to which one can perform a motion accurately.
Balance: Body coordination. A combination of mental control of physical moves.
Flow: Smooth transfer from ranges with various techniques.
Timing: Judging spatial relationships i.e. weapons and targets.
Sensitivity: Tactile awareness, visual and audible acuity
             Rhythm: The sum of timing and flow.
Strength: Ones ability to apply force to an object.
Endurance:The ability to resist fatigue and damage.
Agility:The degree to which the body can respond to
Flexibility: The muscles and tendons elasticity. A great contributor to strength, endurance and agility.
Speed: The time at which it takes to execute or respond to action.
Size: Strength and speed can both be a persons size and build.
Mobility: The body's potential for movement.
Health: Diet, disease, stress and other health factors can influence performance of an activity