Please enjoy the examples of our arts.
This web site cannot teach what you do not already know.
Seek out an instructor if you would like to properly learn any of these arts!
Learning only comes from experience, so try to spend more time training than surfing! :)
-Have Fun
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About This Site
The purpose of this site is to provide an online notebook of the  techniques and the good times we've had practicing them at the Minnesota Kali Group. The  study material comes mostly from Sifu Rick Faye and his assistant instructors. Some has come from seminar instructors. None of the people shown exhibiting techniques, unless noted, are instructors. It is with utmost respect for the men and women who have taken the time to share their arts with us that we post them here for us to share with each other.

Please show these people and their arts the respect they deserve by not copying, reproducing or plagiarizing this material. We  have posted extensive links to every sited source we can find. We recommend anyone interested in these arts contact these sources directly for information regarding technical questions of the arts presented, or for any other needs regarding each art specifically.

Rick Faye of the Minneapolis Kali Group is my Head Instructor. It is from him, his assistant instructors, and his guest seminar instructors that we have assembled this information. Any inaccuracies in the information or techniques illustrated here are completely the fault of myself and any contributing authors.

Why the name Absolute JKD? I put the name of the art that was originated by Bruce Lee and carried on by his students on our site for two reasons. First, it was my desire to learn what really was Jun Fan and Jeet Kune Do that brought me to Rick Faye's Minnesota Kali Group. It was because of JKD that I was lucky to find a treasure of arts to study from at the MKG. The more I learn of these very special arts the less I personally favor any given one over another. They are all unique and offer incredible opportunities for people to expand their skills and abilities. We hope no one perceives that one art ranks behind or above any other.

The techniques used in this martial art can be dangerous to both the practitioner and his opponent/training partner. Neither myself or any of our instructors assume any liability for the practice of these arts. Education and practice should always come from a qualified instructor .

Also, please forgive the ever changing development of the site. My friends and I have tried to put the site together as we practice in our spare time. All interested parties, martial arts enthusiasts, instructors, or fans are welcome to contribute material, pictures, suggestions, or criticisms. Please see our contact page for information. Feel free to share pictures of you or your school with us!
 Ray White