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How to Be at Peace

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    blue  Can you agree with God or can't you?
    blue  Will you agree with God, or won't you?

"All of life is affected by how we answer those questions. In the Bible, Job tells us how to go about giving the right answer, the answer that leads to peace - desired by all of us and constantly missed by many of us."

             From Dr. William Stoddard's devotional book:
                  First Light, Morning Conversations with God*

Growing up separated
from my family helped foster warped ideas of life and myself. These ideas wound themselves into the fabric of my being and held on tightly even into my adult years.


I wasn't loveable... but God says:
    I love you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)

I wasn't special to anybody... but God says:
    I am the apple of God's eye! (Psalm 17:8)

No one shows me love... but God says:
    The Father shows His great love to me (Romans 5:8)

Hmmmmmmm.... my feelings and conclusions were very different than the Bible. Clearly, one of us is wrong. I wonder who that might be?

"Agree with God, and be at peace"

From Dr. William Stoddard's devotional book:
First Light, Morning Conversations with God*

"Sometimes, God needs to turn us around for His face to be seen. When He gets us looking the right way, we see how much He loves us. Then we realize that no matter how things seem, God is! He is loving and compassionate. His face does shine. He does care. How we long to see Him who sees us! We want to experience His grace and compassion. But we must be willing to be turned around. The way we are often the fog of indifference and sin...hiding behind our safe, hard shells of pride...feeling no need of repentance, we cannot see the shining face of God's favor and blessing. If we want the face of God to shine on us, we must turn toward Him, even if it means 180 degrees."

"Agree with God, and be at peace"
*  If you are interested in purchasing Dr. Stoddard's devotional guide, please contact Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church,1801 Lacassie Avenue, Walnut Creek California 94596, 925-935-1574
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