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Each level
  • Uses adult-oriented material
  • Teaches practical, everyday English
  • Stresses learner independence
  • Emphesizes Bible content in every lesson
  • Teaches rhythm, intonation and stress
  • Contains easy-to-expand and easy-to-adapt lessons
  • Includes teacher's hints for teaching each lesson
  • Provides multimedia teaching and learning aids
  • Employs hundreds of line drawings, many by overseas artists
  • Uses Gardner's "Seven Intelligences" in each lesson
Developed by Martha A. Lane
Marti has worked full-time in ESL and basic literacy ministries since 1973. She has written many materials, including:
    Red Check  Laubach Way to English (co-author)
    Red Check  Emergency English for Refugees
    Red check  Handbook for Volunteer Reading Aides
Be sure to check Marti's page on this site: Ask Marti
You can send Marti your questions now.
Watch for the answers next month.

What People are Saying About This Curriculum

  • "These materials are great! The 'Clap the Stress' technique is amazing! This method really works!"  ...Thora Bautz, Tutor, Trainer and Curriculum Developer, Volunteer Centers of Santa Cruz County, California

  • "The book is marvelous! I think it's wonderful that you used the Psalms and Proverbs (in Level 1)."  ...Elizabeth Sterndale, Director of Women's Ministries, North American Division, Seventh Day Adventist Church (retired)

  • "What you have done in preparing materials which can be used with students at various levels is truly fantastic. No materials which I have seen or used are as practical, complete, and inspirational as these."  ...Dr. Marian Halvorson, Lutheran Missionary (retired), and Internationally-known Literacy Consultant

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