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Student Manuals are three-hole punched, with a four-color cover. Each text includes a set of audiotapes containing the needed portions of the lesson on tape, for students' independent practice.

Instructor's Manuals include the entire student text and tape sets, general instructions for teaching each book's lesson plan, and hints for each lesson. You may make overheads of any or all pages, for your classroom use.

Passport to the World of English curriculum, developed by Martha A. Lane, is a four-level series, although any level can be used independently.

book Book 1:
Let's Get Started!

Alphabet, major stress, rhythm and intonation patterns, high frequency words, common conversations, a selection from Psalms or Proverbs in every lesson, memorization and recitation of well-known English texts. Two audio tapes included.

Book Book 2:
Spelling and Grammar

Emphasis on sound-symbol relationships and syllables, practical basic grammar, word families, well-known Old Testament passages. Three audio and one music tape included.

Book Book 3:
Basic Reading and Writing

Emphasis on reading for meaning, writing clearly, and expressing oneself well. Each lesson is built on a New Testament passage. Three audio and one music tape included.

Book Book 4:
Luke & the Good News:

ESL Study Edition of the Gospel of Luke, Contemporary English; specially annotated and illustrated for ESL use. Two audio and one music tape included.

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