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Luz and Joanne Who's left out?
Our school districts and adult education centers have a multitude of fine, certified ESL classes. Their class schedules are based on attending four times a week.
Mothers with small children find it difficult to attend these classes. When a child becomes ill, they must drop out for a few days. If another child in the family becomes ill, they must miss yet another class. If a husband needs to work late, they fall hopelessly behind.

T he Whole Family
We have learned that involving the whole family can be a great advantage in learning English. They are more comfortable in their family unit; also they get a lot of support from their family as they break the language sound barriers together.
Carmen and Sergio
C lasses.
I teach two evening classes at the Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church in Walnut Creek, California. Sometimes the students must bring their children with them and the children play quietly alongside their parents throughout the class. Usually we can involve the children in some of the class activities. (Vocabulary, Singing, and Clapping the Stress.)

The children are very attentive and have their ears open all the time. We're teaching more than English here, we're modeling attitude, respect, caring, love...we are modeling Jesus.

Two of our certified teachers teach in the ClubHouse in their own housing development. Another teacher goes into the home of a family with 15 children. The neighbors hang around and peek through the open door and sometimes slip in and join the class session.

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