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You do not have to be a professional
Teaching English does not mean you have to have years of special language training. Most students want to know how to use the basic conversational English skills needed in everyday life.

Teaching English to grateful students will expose you to other customs and cultures that will broaden your life and worldview.

LEI has designed the lessons to be as easy to teach as possible. You do not have to be a professional teacher to use these materials successfully. Each lesson in the book usually has the following major segments:

Buntie - Theme
Theme Picture
An illustration that sets the context for the lesson
The words considered the most essential for the unit
Things to Think About
Proverbs, poems, limericks and other examples of English, from a wide variety of times and authors
Joanne - Pronunciation
Focussed study on sound-symbol relationships
Clap the Stress
Focussed study on stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns.
Examples of true-to-life conversations students will encounter or find highly useful

Jacqueline - Activity
A variety of writing, speaking and skill practices, based on the unit's subject and core vocabulary
Gives students well-known examples of English literature to memorize; helps students put what they have just learned into immediate use.

Teaching Hints
The Instructor's Manual provides many preparation suggestions, such as actual objects you must have on hand to teach the lesson. They also contain teaching hints for specific problems that you may encounter.

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