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Would you like to become a certified teacher? We have a user-friendly curriculum. It's easy to teach, even if you have never taught before. We'll help you get started when you attend a tutor-training workshop.

Teacher-training workshops are a 12-hour, hands-on workshop. They may be held over a weekend, over a three-week period, or any other schedule your church or organization would find helpful.

Passport to the World of English is a Bible-based curriculum reflecting Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner's basic premise is that intelligence is not a single construct and that individuals have at least seven distinct intelligences that can be developed over a lifetime. All the intelligences are used in our lessons:
Luz, Elodia and Martha
  1. Theme Picture
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Clap the Stress
  5. Conversations
  6. Activities
  7. Things to Think About
  8. Assignments
The last few hours of the workshop are devoted to putting into practice all that the trainee has learned. The trainees now become the tutors and practice their new skills with a non-English speaking student. It's great to see the smiles as they discover this method really works!

Literacy and Evangelism Training Sessions:
Contact the following to find out where you can attend a tutor-training workshop in your area:

United Methodist Cooperative Ministries
Tutor-training Workshops in Pinellas and West Pasco Counties of Florida several times a year. For information about the next scheduled workshop, please contact:

Diablo Valley Literacy Council
For tutor-training workshops, please contact Betty Chambers: 925-686-4589 or

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