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Mommy Theresa, Auntie Donna, Grandson Sean How we teach
The same way we all learned our first language:

Ball We heard it spoken.
Ball We repeated the sounds.
Ball We practiced the words.
We focus on helping the student hear and speak before teaching them to read and write. Think about it: you had a fairly large vocabulary by the time you started school. Then in school you were taught to read and write.
T he secret of our success?
Practice. Practice. Practice.

The best teachers are able to give their students three times as much practice as poor teachers. How? Using routines. Establish them and maintain them. LEI curriculum is a great help in this area with the sequence of Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Clap the Stress and Conversation sections. Carefully sequenced materials introduce new difficulties at a manageable rate.

Visit our classes and you will be able to see how the curriculum works out in the nitty-gritty business of learning. A living, moving picture is worth a thousand words.

To visit classes, contact:
C ost
Teachers volunteer their services and talent, so there is no charge for the class. The students pay only for their book, Passport to the World of English ($15.00).

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