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Do I have to "clap" CLAP THE STRESS, or can I do something else, such as tap on the table?

A answer:
Do whatever seems good to you and your student. Some people tap on the table top with their hands. Some students tap with a pencil.

One group of students I had marched around the room to the "beat" they were studying. Another group brought bongos and other drums on which to "play" their CLAP THE STRESS exercises.

Bongo Drum

Jazz Chants
This technique is called "Jazz Chants." It was developed by Carolyn Graham. The technique can also be used to teach phrase and sentence syllable stress patterns. Ms. Graham has written several books using this technique. They are excellent.

You can order a catalog or Carolyn Graham's Jazz Chants from:
Oxford University Press, Inc.
2100 Evans Road
Cary, North Carolina 27513

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