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Why do you start each lesson with a Theme Picture?

A nswer:

The Theme Picture gives you an opportunity to observe what various students may or may not know in English, while giving them an opportunity to "warm up" and switch their thinking to a new language or a new type of vocabulary.

  • Ask students to study the picture.
  • Ask students to tell you what they see.
  • Ask simple questions about the picture.
  • Read the list back to the students, having them repeat each item after you several times.
Moses Parting the Red Sea

Lesson Seven, "Miracle of Miracles!"
Passport to the World of English
Book Two

Find out what they know.
This method will help you discover how familiar they are with the story or characters as they describe the picture. The selections will be familiar to persons of wide religious and cultural backgrounds.

Remember that it takes most people about 20 minutes to start thinking in a new language, so encourage "English only" during most of the lesson. Please allow students to take notes in their language and use bilingual dictionaries throughout the lesson, as some learning styles really need this. It also enables students to jot down areas of specific concern, about which they can then gather further information during breaks or after class.

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