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Coming to America
by Patricia Sze, Taiwan, China

Beautiful and large is the first impression that I had when I came to the States. In our language (Chinese), The United States of America, means beautiful country. I like this feeling, also I noticed that most people like to decorate their homes to make homes neat, comfortable and special.

In Spring 1992, I left my homeland Taiwan where I had lived more than forty years to immigrate to the U.S. with my family - my husband, my daughter, and my son. Now we lived in Concord, California.

Time passed so fast. It has been seven years since we lived in this country. My daughter now is a junior in University of California at Berkeley and my son is now a teenager. They two have changed so much both inwardly and outwardly that sometimes my husband and I wonder - Are they really our own children we brought up here?

Are they really
   our own

The Freeways Are Everywhere!
That makes distance become shorter. However, because driving becomes inevitable in daily life, that means I have to get used to it which I didn't need before. Driving becomes an uneasy job for me. Sometimes it even becomes a burden if I need to look at the map when driving to an unfamiliar place. Besides, high taxes makes life harder financially.

Now, I begin to understand: Coming to America is a wonderful experience for me. However, as an immigrant, there are so many things I need to adjust to so as to fit in this society. Therefore, while I enjoy the good system and nice environment here, I pay a price also.

Coming to America
by Maria Au, Taiwan, China

I thank God that we moved to U.S.A. This is a lovely country as a woman gets more respect from a man, and men here are not like oriental men who have too much power at home. My husband knows well that he cannot order me to do things anymore, as I know I have my rights. This was the first enjoyable thing I liked here.

A Present As a woman, I came from a traditional Chinese society to the U.S.A. Just exactly like a kid getting a big Xmas gift from Santa. I felt so exciting, like I was going to heaven.

I am a Taiwanese married to a Hongkongese who is a very traditional Chinese man. After I had my kids, I had to stay at home to take care of my two boys as a full time babysitter, a housewife and a housekeeper for years. I really don't mind that. But, for years I did the same things without husband's appreciation. That make me feel so tired, and so unpleasant. My husband still reminds me that if you want kids you have to take care of them by yourself. If you don't want that you should not have had any kids. Whenever I complain even now he keeps saying that.

I Really Don't Like That!
I have been in this country for 11 years. Kids learn well about human rights. But, sometimes they know well how to abuse human right too. I really don't like that some students don't respect teachers at all. The school system is not as good as I thought. I don't understand why there is no flunk system when student does not make good enough grades.


Actually, I am much happier here than in Hong Kong. For these 11 years I have many new friends who came from different countries. Those friends make my live so beautiful.

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