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Reflections From Around the World

From Our ESL Students from Asia

Bar Coming to America
by Ingrid Cheng, Taiwan

America is a beautiful country, people are kind and friendly. Job opportunities are plenty and educational system is more modern. Hence, my husband came here earlier to get his advance degree, then he applied for our immigration.

Before my eldest son and I came to the States, I had to sell all our belongings and resign my teaching job from elementary school in Taiwan, China.

        is important!

Our eldest son did not know any word of English then. When he came home the first day of school in an unhappy mood. I asked him, "Why?" He said, "I felt horrible and realized how important the English is." With his father's help, his own effort, he caught up quickly. Now he has graduated with two Master's Degrees.

Three years later, our family expanded with two more children. It was a heavy burden for my husband to support a five-member family. After my youngest son was in elementary school, I took typing and later entry classes at adult school. I got a job. My English was so poor, I had to work hard to compete with co-workers. When received my first paycheck, I knelt down to thank God. Only in the United States there is equal opportunity.

Last year my right hand developed carpal tunnel, due to long-time repeated movement on computer. So I resigned for early retirement. Now I have to polish my English.

We have been living in Concord, California for twenty-five years. All three children, two sons and one daughter, grew up here.

Right now our nest is empty, except my husband and I, all children have their own family in California.

      I knelt down
         to thank

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