Statue of Liberty

The Dream Becomes Reality
Since its beginning, America has opened its arms to people all around the world. These people bring colorful customs, language and a rich heritage with them as they enter the United States.

Unfortunately, these often become barriers for them in relating to their new neighbors. Their interesting clothing, manners and customs are soon forgotten when we find out that we cannot communicate with one another. We can see the frustration on their faces; they can see it on ours. It will take a bit of work to overcome these barriers.

To the Rescue!
All over the country ESL classes are springing up. Our new neighbors are now going to school to learn the language of their new country. We, as ESL teachers, are reaching out to help bridge the gap. Once in class, the uncertainty and frustration begins to leave their faces. The joy of learning emerges and the communication begins. Teachers and students have made a new connection, and everyone is a winner.

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