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Reflections from Vietnam

By The Reverend Tran Binh Trong,
Vietnamese Apostolate, Richmond, Virginia

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The Eastern VS. The Western
A suggested list of attitudes and value differences between the East and the West.

We live in time
We're always at rest
We're passive
We like to contemplate
We accept the world as it is
You live in space
You're always on the move
You're aggressive
You like to act
You try to change it according to your blueprint
We live in peace
with nature

Religion is our
first love

We delight to
think about the
meaning of life

We believe in
freedom of silence

We lapse into

Man looking two ways You try to impose
your will on her

Science is your

You delight in

You believe in
freedom of speech

You strive for

We marry first, then we love

Our marriage is the beginning of a love affair

It is an indissoluble bond

Our love is mute

We try to conceal it from the world

Self-abnegation is the secret of
our survival

We're taught from the cradle to want
less and less

The love of life is our ideal

We glorify austerity and renunciation

Poverty is to us a badge of
spiritual elevation

In the sunset year of life, we
renounce the world and prepare
ourselves for the hereafter

You love first, then you marry

Your marriage is the happy end of a romance

It is the contract

Your love is vocal

You delight in showing it to others

Self-assertiveness is the key of
your success

You are urged every day to want more
and more

Conquest is your goal

You emphasize gracious living and enjoyment

It is to you a sign of

You retire to enjoy the fruits of
your labor

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