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by Byron Choi
First of all, I enjoy staying in the United States, even though I sometimes don't understand American culture, customs, languages, etc. But I am thinking of them positively.

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Specially, in America I like freedom, such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Equality. Besides, I like the climate in the Bay Area. It looks like an earthly paradise. Nowhere beats the Bay Area climate. Furthermore, many Americans are very kind and open-hearted persons. I like that kind of person very much. To tell the truth, it's such a country having a dream.

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On the other hand, I'd like to emphasize concerning morality. Specially, growing American students need to learn moral education at school. I think they have too much freedom. It's sometimes bad.

Another thing, an emotion of Americans are very cold, such as cold-hearted mind. Sometimes, I feel I don't like that emotion.

God Bless America
Anyway, I like America very much. I can enjoy whatever I want in the Untied States. I love America. God bless America.

More About Byron Choi
I came from Seoul, the capital of Korea. I was born Seoul and grew up with my family. Before coming to the United States, I worked at a bank as a manager for a long time. When I came to America, I lived in Chicago for two and one-half years. After that, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and have been living in Walnut Creek, California since 1985. I have been in the U.S. for 16 years.

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