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Whats New in the Chicago Laborers District Council etc
Court Monitor's  second report to court. Disciplinary charges anticipated within 60 days. Scott Pavlis revealed as "phantom" executive board member. Candidates not "disqualified" as opposed to "approved by monitor" per Bloch
Mar. 10, 2000 Secret FBI report contents revealed, The LaBella Memo to DOJ.
IRS seeks $3 million from LIUNA for engaging in for profit activities.
Mar. 07, 2000 Chicago District Council election files, commentary by Jim McGough, together with replies (inaccurate) by trustee Robert Bloch. More to follow. A lot more.
Jan. 20, 2000 Goldberg to return as election officer with Robert Bloch as Deputy Election Officer. Is it a conflict of interest for Bloch's law partner to serve as counsel to the Pension/welfare fund while Bloch serves as Deputy Election Officer? 80% of the delegate elections in 1996 were uncontested with Bloch serving as Regional Election Officer in 1996. Crimedawg expects better performance in 2001 by Bloch in inculcating union democracy. It would be nice if as Trustee of the Chicago District Council he would educate the members why a RICO complaint was filed against the Chicago District Council. It would be nice if Bloch would give me the electronic copies of the transcripts that have been made public so I can web publish them free of charge. Is Bloch holding back because web publication of testimony from Council delegates will show that none of them were smart enough to recognize that organized crime controlled the District council? Some of these delegates are now running for office.
Jan 20
Made available to Laborers for JUSTICE members latest BNA report on status of negotiations between LIUNA and DOJ. Will report developments as they occur to members of Laborers for JUSTICE and recipients of our newsletter..

There are changes in store for certain Chicago locals. The District Council has a contested election coming up with only one contest-Business Manager- a contest between Connolly of local 4 and LoVerde of 1092. So much for the inculcation of democracy and contested elections in a trusteed institution. Bruno Caruso's disciplinary hearing under way after initial postponement because Leo's father (Bruno's uncle) died. Initially decided to stop publishing information because whatever I publish is stolen by the webmaster of laborers.org and passed off as his own work- an unethical practice we will have to stop with a court injunction if necessary. I provided the webmaster of laborers.org with hard to obtain documents in return for the name laborers.com which he obtained for me. He refuses to provide the name-reneges on his agreements and hence is considered a reprobate and a scoundrel by Laborers for JUSTICE members.  

Dec. 16, 1999 Published Court Monitor's report on Chicago Laborers District Council 
Dec. 15, 1999 Distributing html version of Peter Fosco decision to those requesting Local 2 has  an unofficial meeting in October because trustee Schippers does not hold meetings to install union democracy. Reformers force Shippers to call union meeting in November at which Dwight Bostwick of the GEB Attorney's office makes apologies for inept performance of trustee Schippers and his incompetent assistant, "know nothing about unions" Al Tracy. Official meeting attended by Mr. Fosse of IG's office, Mr. Hogan ( legal counsel to Chicago District Council, Local 2, Trustee Schippers, and also counsel to private defendants Schippers, Tracy and Tracy's wife, Nancy Ruggero (Schipper's "lady friend" and personal assistant for many, many years.) All were on the clock with the billable meter ticking as the coffers of local 2 are further depleted. Hogan spoke for 5 minutes and will probably bill for a couple of hours. His attendance was completely unnecessary and his serving as counsel to local 2 is a conflict of interest. So much for reform.. 
Published BNA article on Arthur Coia resigning and his rumored plea agreement to plead guilty to one felony count and leave LIUNA. Call upon all laborers to protest the appointment of Coia crony and confidante Armando Sabitoni, LIUNA Vice President from New England who is the son of mobster "Mondo Sabitoni". Laborers for JUSTICE state it is not "prudent" to appoint as LIUNA general president the relatives and descendents of known organized crime figures.
Sep 29, 1999 Published profile of Court Monitor Steven Miller and letter  protesting "ad hoc" discriminatory practice of Bloch and Schippers in denying unilateral transfers. Let's see how much reform Mr. Miller is interested in bringing to the Chicago District jurisdiction. Let's see how professional his office is and see if he acknowledges receiving my fax of last week. I keep telling these laborers that these lawyers can be trusted and these laborers keep right on laughing. 

I tell my fellow laborers these lawyer trustees can be trusted and all I hear in reply is "Guard your wallet"

Sept 1 1999 Published Draft Consent Decree naming Seymour Simon Adjudications Officer and Steve Miller as Court Monitor. Full details to follow.
Aug, 25, 1999 Published Internal Disciplinary charges against Bruno Caruso, Frank Caruso, Leo Caruso, James DiForti that were attached as exhibit K in RICO complaint

Aug 25, 1999

Monitor to be announced for Chicago tomorrow. Steve Miller will be Investigations Officer predicts Crimedawg. Bloch approved as trustee last week. Multiple investigations ongoing by Laborers for JUSTICE via electronic monitoring -wireless video- satellite photography-GPS signaling of movements in both Connecticut and Illinois. Reservations about Consent Decree.
Aug 15, 199 RICO Complaint and Consent Decree and related files together with commentary made available in html for personal browsing. .
Aug 12, 1999 Chicago RICO Complaint unsealed today at DOJ press conference attended by District Council Delegates Lazzaretto, Burns, Naimoli, Flannigan and Block with counsel Hogan.

GEB Attorney in attendance along with Jim McGough and members of the press. Lazzaretto complained about inaccuracies reported but was not able to indicate what they were.

Jim McGough made public offer to provide all public documents on the internet to members if Bloch and GEB attorney provided him with electronic copies. Luskin agreed to do so.

McGough is still waiting for Bloch to provide electronic copies of Chicago District Council hearings so Jim can publish at no cost information members need to exercise right of self governance. Will give prominent display on internet when McGough receives electronic copies. 

Copies of all documents can be obtained via email by requesting 

Aug 11, 1999 Chicago district council holds emergency meeting of delegates pending RICO filing on August 12. Charles LoVerde, local 1092 files lawsuit in U.S. District Court against Bloch, LIUNA, Coia. Court case to be reported here when attorney or someone sends me electronic version of file or faxes documents to 630-604-4496. Full details to follow. Call 847-202-3838 to report news about district council, corrupt contractors, wage violations, collective bargaining violations.
Aug 10, 1999 Coia cleared by Eggleston, LIUNA Appellate Officer. Obtain decision in PDF or html format
Aug. 08, 1999 Informative article published today  in New York Times on how Mob targets Building trades unions in New York. Change New York to Chicago and the article discusses the same corrupt practices that laborers for JUSTICE have been complaining about for years. The selling of unnumbered temporary union cards is omitted as well as the lax accounting procedures employed by the district council and locals in accounting for cards. John Burke uncovered this practice and that is why he was never welcomed by district council delegates. By doing his job, he clearly demonstrated they weren't doing theirs. Documented story to follow. 

Published Bobby "The Beak" Siegel's sentencing case decision. Bobby is on record as saying that Angelo Fosco was a "street boss in Chicago"

Angelo, of course, was  the father in law of Terrance Healy, local 2 member supported by John Matassa in his uncontested election for LIUNA vice President from great Lakes Region. There was no contested election for delegates to the convention in 1996. Terrance is the regional manager of Chicago, succeeding a long line of regional managers who were associates/members of the organized crime. Did the "Chicago Outfit" play no role in getting Terry his job? Terry is now Arthur Coia's special assistant just like Serpico was Angelo's assistant. If organized crime, The Chicago Outfit", controlled the Chicago Laborers District Council as was proven in the trusteeship hearings, it would be extremely careless not to control or have influence over the LIUNA regional Chicago officers., wouldn't you say?

Aug 06, 1999  

Facts: The Chicago Laborers District Council under trustee Robert Bloch has had one communication with the laborers to date and has yet to inform the members the reasons why the district council was put into trusteeship. The deputy trustees, Romano, Sladowski, and Guilfoyle were never vetted by the Inspector general agents in Chicago.  Guilfoyle used to work for Combined Counties Police Association where CrimeDawg is webmaster.Not one officer has anything good to say about Guilfoyle, formerly of SEIU, a LIUNA competitor. Law enforcement authorities in Chicago tell CrimeDawg Guilfoyle would steal pennies from the eyes of a dead man. The 18 months of trusteeship are up today and unless convincing reasons are given to continue the trusteeship, it is presumed to be invalid under LMRDA. The RICO suit will demonstrate why it should be kept in trusteeship indefinitely. The Laborers Union in Chicago does not need carpetbaggers from the steelworkers or service employees unions to reform itself. Just appoint as officers regular members like "sacrificial lamb" Burke  to do their job and have as their superiors someone who knows how unions operate and knows the laborers union's  constitution and not the U.S. tax code. The three deputy trustees have one thing in common-they have all been strong supporters of the democratic party and have worked for unions (SEIU especially) that have tried to take laborers' jobs at lower wages so their democratic mayors like "little big man" won't have to raise property taxes for higher wages.Lazzaretto had members of the laborers union in local 152 train the SEIU employees who were stealing their jobs at Commonwealth Edison's nuclear power plant in Zion Illinois.

Labor Management Reporting System in final testing Chicago laborers district Council holds secret meetings of delegates without inviting delegates from "targeted" locals despite constitutional requirement of notice to all at regularly scheduled meetings. Discriminatory to say the least because Sam Salerno (trustee of 225 and David Schippers of local 2) were not invited and members of locals 1, 2, 5, 76, 1001, 1006 were disenfranchised. Vince DiVarco will transfer into another local within the District council jurisdiction because the receiving local will accept him. There will be a lawsuit against local officials who refuse to accept transfers within locals from members who want to attend union meetings close to home. California can not tell Illinois residents not to move   out there any more than local union officials can deny a valid transfer which solely performs record keeping functions. Laborers for JUSTICE will demand that constitutions be followed. and will start filing RICO suits if reforms are not achieved via current methods
Aug. 04, 1999 John Serpico indicted today on multiple counts of labor racketeering. email Laborers for JUSTICE requests for copies of indictments
August 3, 1999  

Retraction: previous installments of news about the laborers unfairly criticized Sam Salerno, now trustee of local 225,  a former member of 152 who transferred in from local 4. Sorry Sam. We did not make a mistake in asserting that Ronny Fino ( a credible- reliable informant) discussed many times with "Crimedawg" how Mike Lazzaretto would be Coia's point man in wresting control of Chicago's pension funds from the Chicago "Outfit" in favor of other crime families.  "Organized crime goes where the money is". Just because the GEB Attorney failed to prove Arthur A. Coia's ties to organized crime to Vaira's satisfaction does not make Coia innocent. Vaira's has made many mistakes in his rulings. His Coia decision is just Vaira's biggest blunder.Crimedawg will prove the allegations are true in the "court of public opinion" in his forthcoming analyzes of evidence not presented in Coia's disciplinary hearing. Stay tuned. The shit is about to hit the fan as they say.

DOJ will file a RICO suit against the Chicago Laborers District Council predicts CRIMEDAWG, just in time for his birthday, August 6. Tune in to http://members.xoom.com/jimmcgough for all the details as well as copies of all documents made public via court filings. The incompetent, ineffectual reform attributable to trustee Robert Bloch and "over the hill" and "past his glory days," Ed Sladowski and the nefarious Ray Guilfoyle is about to end.

Added first day of Coia disciplinary hearings, April 14, 1998 to http://members.xoom.com/jimmcgough. Will publish on the internet every document made public via court filings that relates to the Laborers Union

Al Pilotto met  mobsters Angelo Fosco and Arthur E. Coia, father of "no balls to be a gangster," "little  Arthur" in hell on July 20,1999. See 1981 indictment

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The Rising of the rank and file against corrupt union officials will soon begin in earnest.

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July 27, 1999 Mike Lazzaretto, presently president/business manager of local 152 which controls Lake County, Illinois announces at union meeting he will not run for office at the district council should the council come out of trusteeship next month. Lazzaretto, Robert Bloch's fair haired boy, has his college roommate, John Burns, serving as assistant trustee to the district council and is smarting from his inability to have his lapdogs inserted into local 2 to controls electoral politics and secure enough votes for office in the district council.

Lake County covers the Northern suburbs of Chicago all the way to the Wisconsin state line-the richest area of the state. According to DOJ and LIUNA statements, organized crime controls the south suburbs of Chicago (local 5-Chicago heights), the western suburbs of Chicago (local 225), the city proper (locals 1, 2, 76, 1001. 1006) but does not control Lake county. Give me a break!!! Ronny Fino had advised me many times prior to the filing of the complaint against the district council that John "Michael" Lazzaretto would be Coia's point man to take over control of the assets of the Chicago District Council's pension fund. Bloch's re-appointment of Lazzaretto as pension fund trustee facilitated this process. Lazzaretto served many years as trustee to the pension fund with Vincent Solano yet never raised any objection to having organized crime's north side crime boss in that fiduciary capacity. Bloch also conveniently appointed his law partner as new counsel to the pension fund - a clear violation of the canons of ethics that prohibit self dealings and arms length arrangements.

Laborers for JUSTICE offered in early 1998 to publish on the internet free of charge the transcripts of the Chicago Laborers District Council trusteeship hearings that were made public via court filings. Bloch initially indicated his willingness to do this as a means of educating union members but later reneged on his commitment because he did not want to alienate council delegates. In his one mediocre mailing to union members, Bloch devoted one half of a paragraph in his newsletter to announce the district council was under trusteeship but did not reveal the reasons for the trusteeship. This is reform? Spare the bullshit. The deputy trustees, Sladowski, Romano, and Guilfoyle were never vetted by the IG's office. Guilfoyle, according to law enforcement authorities, would steal pennies from the eyes of a dead man given the chance. 

Whoever runs for district council president should make a campaign promise to remove Bloch's partner as counsel to the pension fund, to remove  non LIUNA member Harvey Nathan as trustee, and to promise never to send any legal business to Bloch's law firm so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety.


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